We wake each day to live our mission of helping you achieve your potential.


The future belongs to those who are authentic.

Second To None helps customer-centric brands deliver consistent, intentional and authentic consumer experiences.

We adeptly design and manage mystery shopping, compliance, engagement and voice of customer solutions, unifying real-time reporting into role-specific insights.  Our work enables organizations to drive continuous business performance improvement, while elevating customer satisfaction, advocacy and sales.

A profound shift is underway in today’s marketplace.

Companies are continually, and sometimes urgently, exploring how to remain relevant and sustainable in a hyper-competitive environment.


Historically, companies have been positioned to closely manage, shape and control their brand image and customer perception. The emergence of social media and a web-connected society has created a shift in power, influence and control — largely to the consumer’s advantage.


Individual consumers, and their connected relationships, now play a larger and undeniably significant role in determining which brands are deserving of their advocacy and loyalty.  Customers determine which brands will continue to thrive and which will become marginalized.


Tools for navigating this new, consumer-driven landscape, can readily be integrated into brand and customer experience strategy.   Effective solutions require top-down commitment, focus and intention.


Second To None exists to empower companies in understanding where and when their brand promise is being delivered well, where there are opportunities for improvement, and just how to consistently and intentionally be authentic.

What is Brand Authenticity?

Brand Authenticity emerges when your brand promise aligns with both actual customer experience delivery and the perceptions of your customers as to their experiences.


The first step toward this goal lies within the highly functional, operationalized delivery of customer experiences and interactions.  Operational Authenticity is achieved when customer experiences map closely to your operating standards.


The next level of Brand Authenticity, and the most challenging to achieve, is that of Emotional Authenticity. This is realized when your brand promise, products and services lead to emotional connections or bonds with your customers.  These forms of connections create deeper levels of customer engagement, which influences customer advocacy.  Through customer advocacy, your customers display loyalty, thereby influencing sales and business performance.


Brand Authenticity is a blend of purpose, mission and values-driven strategy by which high performance brands and organizations create powerful competitive advantages and marketplace differentiation.   Learn More: Brand Authenticity Model