Addressing the Internal Health of Your Organization

An organization is like the human body, fueled by many smaller, moving parts working underneath the surface to achieve one cohesive mission.  The internal health of the body is directly connected to its performance and ability to grow. If organs are to the body, employees are to the business. Maximum efficiency is achieved when all parts are functioning at their highest capacity.  To achieve this, you must take preventative measures and perform consistent gut checks to ensure that the needs of your employees are being met.

A happy worker is a productive worker

Numerous studies have revealed that satisfied workers are more productive.  A study by Social Market Foundation reported that happy employees are up to 20 percent more productive than unhappy employees. [1] Satisfied workers are more engaged and less stressed, ultimately benefiting the organization on multiple levels.

In several studies looking at Glassdoor reviews, research found a significant connection between workplace satisfaction and financial performance. It was stated that for every 1-star improvement in a company’s Glassdoor rating, there was an average increase of 7.9 in its market value.  Additionally, research that examined the link between Glassdoor ratings and stock returns revealed that those with high employee satisfaction substantially outperformed the the general stock market by earning 1.35 percent more returns over the span of eight years. Similarly, a 2015 Glassdoor study found that firms ranked on their “Best Places to Work” list overshadowed the S&P 500 from 2009-2015 by as much as 123.3 percent. [2]

Employee Burnout

On the flip-side, an unsatisfactory workplace can induce a wave of employee burnout, initiating a downward trend in productivity and motivation.  Employee burnout occurs when an individual lacks the proper energy or interest to perform the required tasks of their position.  It is associated with high levels of stress and low levels of ambition.

According to a 2018 Gallup study, 23 percent of employees experience feeling burned out at work very often while 44 percent feel burned out sometimes. Employees who experience the feeling of being burned out are 63 percent more likely to take a sick day, 2.6 times as likely to leave their current employer, 13 percent less confident in their performance, and half as likely to create performance plans with managers. [3] On a mass scale, effects like these can cause major damage to the overall success of your business.

Checking the Pulse of Employee Satisfaction

Gallup talks about five aspects that should be examined to avoid employee burnout: (1) Unfair treatment at work, (2) Unmanageable workload, (3) Lack of role clarity, (4) Lack of communication and support from manager, and (5) Unreasonable time pressure. [4]  All five aspects touch on the general confidence and security of the individual at the workplace. Employees want to feel heard and appreciated.  There should be a flowing exchange of respect across all levels and departments to ensure proper treatment and consistent communication.

In customer experience, we consistently look at consumer data to inform our decisions and initiatives.  The same concept is applicable to your employees. Similar to the goals of customer experience, companies should seek to align their values to their employees’. Understanding the aspects that are important to individuals will help you to provide the necessary tools and support that allow employees to perform at their highest ability.  Whether it is through employee surveys, or simply open dialogue in the workplace, listening to employees is vital to the survival of your organization.

A positive and attentive environment will cultivate a workplace in which employees are excited to contribute to the success.  When equipped with the proper tools and guidance, workers are able to offer their abilities at their full potential.  Just like the human body, without the proper nourishment and internal care, your business will ultimately suffer.




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