Custom Research

Capture an accurate understanding of the way customers are talking about your brand online.

Second To None’s brand reputation monitoring tool scrapes popular review sites across the web and places them into an easy-to-read and act-on reporting portal, streamlining both reputation management and customer outreach processes for our clients.

Social Media Monitoring

Some of the best information that can be used to make a positive impact on the Customer Experience your brand provides is posted for free by consumers across different social media sites. Additionally, this growing frontier can serve as an extremely influential part of the way customers perceive the service your brand provides. Second To None’s brand reputation monitoring tool will ease the process of finding these reviews, and allow you to respond to these customer messages within our Catapult reporting portal.

Industry-Specific Review Sites

Beyond researching how customers are talking about your brand on popular social media sites, there are many high-level review sites for specific industries. Customer reviews on these websites can garner some of the most useful information, helping your brand provide the specific value that customers are hoping for.

Proprietary Catapult Reporting Portal

Collect customer feedback across your different digital channels into one easy-to-access, customizable data hub. Assign and share reports to individual team members. Here are some mock images of how these reports will look on your dashboard:

Brand Reputation
Brand Reputation

Closing the Loop on Customer Feedback

Second To None brand reputation monitoring tool makes it easier for your team to respond to negative online reviews. We grant access within our Catapult reporting tool that makes it easy to start these interactions.

Integrated Program Design

We design and customize your data collection around your customer lens (how the customer views and interacts with you), while being mindful of the direct linkages back to your organizational lens (how you view and interact with your customers) to ensure the resulting business intelligence is both relevant and actionable to your stakeholders in the field.

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