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Cafés + Coffee Houses Customer Experience

Customer Experience is arguably more important for the café and coffee house sector than any other within the food and beverage industry. While it is important that these establishments have quality products and competitive prices, unlike any other sector these brands must provide a fantastic atmosphere for their customers.

Because customers will visit these brands to complete some work, meet friends, or even just hang out and use the Wifi, having a great Customer Experience beyond just a quality product is essential.

Café and Coffee House Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping and Secret Shopping programs can be a valuable tool for café and coffee shops because it grants you access to a directed perspective of your customer. Because these shops are assigned by the brands themselves, the programs can help answer any question about the current standards of your brand’s Customer Experience.

Café and Coffee House Voice of Customer

Cafés and coffee houses are like there own communities, and therefore in order to have the best space for your customer, you must have a system in place to receive feedback. Voice of customer feedback surveys are a great tool for this because it allows the brand to uncover vital information regarding the existing brand standards, and allows those customers with strong opinions to easily connect with the brands that serve them.

An expertly-designed voice of customer feedback survey program can unlock a valuable collection of insights, including:

  • Customer perception of your brand aesthetic
  • Employee performance from an individual level or store location level
  • Whether or not your menu is catered to your target customer
  • Net Promoter Score® (NPS), or the percentage of customers that become brand ambassadors

Café and Coffee House Compliance Audits

Sales, Operations and Marketing-focused compliance audits are necessary in order to ensure that your brand is providing a consistent Customer Experience across all channels and store locations. Cafés and coffee houses are especially susceptible to this kind of risk, because of the kind of products that they serve. In order to mitigate the risk that is inherently involved within the food service industry, a well-designed compliance audit question should unlock answers to these questions and more:

Are our employees maintaining brand and industry standards when serving food?
Are our different locations providing a consistent Customer Experience?
Is actual speed of service aligned to operational criteria and expectations?
How do we stack up against the rest of our industry in terms of Customer Experience?

Integrated or Stand-Alone Programs | Unified Reporting + Analytics

Second To None is differentiated in our ability to offer Operationally-based measurement solutions – Mystery Shopping and Compliance Audits – along with Customer-based solutions Voice of Customer feedback surveys – then unifying data streams into a robust, real-time and role-specific Analytics and Insights platform.

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