Case Study: Staples


Operating more than 1,500 stores nationally with sales in excess of $20 billion, we designed a mystery shopping program to evaluate a set of associate behaviors that aligned with their in=store selling model. Some of the key behaviors we evaluated included active listening skills, making informed recommendations, explaining product benefits, and asking for the sale among others.


  • Ensure that managers and employees on the front-lines are driving sales via the prescribed behaviors.


  • Identify the key selling behaviors that had the largest impact on same store sales.
  • Further galvanize the organization’s focus on the value of self-assessment as a way to drive positive behavioral change.


Mystery Shopping Management:
Deliver actionable behavioral insights that can be used to propel a brand’s customer experience goals forward.


Actionable Analytics:
Custom reporting and data analytics including key drivers, customer experience mapping and sales linkage analysis.

Real-Time Reporting:
Client uses Second To None’s robust cloud-based console to access data, reports and priorities in real-time, allowing managers and associates on the front line to strengthen compliance, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and drive revenue.


Implementation of behavioral measurement program to ensure that all individual employees within each store location are operating per organizational standards. Apply ROI analytics to obtain an accurate view of the impact of the behaviors, available to the client via our robust cloud-based reporting portal.


Subsequent ROI analysis revealed the ‘real value’ of these behaviors. Stores that demonstrated year-over-year increases on these 4 key behaviors demonstrated strong, positive gains on Same Store Sales. Stores that demonstrated no change on these behaviors were generally characterized by marginal changes on Same Store Sales. Stores that demonstrated decreases on these behaviors were generally characterized by significant to marginal losses on Same Store Sales. Ultimately, positive behavioral change translates into stronger financial performance, while the absence of behavioral change translates into lost opportunities.

  • Second to None delivers tremendous value to our brand strategy. Through your solutions, we now have a comprehensive understanding of operational service levels and quality, in turn offering unprecedented precision to our efforts of sustaining satisfaction and profitability.

    CX Director, Staples

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