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Our Clients

  • We implemented mystery shopping and voice of customer survey programs to assist our retail sites in evaluating their customers’ experience.  Thank you Second To None!  The results are providing a valuable tool for assessing the level of service provided and to identify areas for improvement.  Affecting positive change has a long-lasting effect for customers and ultimately increases the success of our business.

    Director of Retail Development
Whole Foods mystery shopping

Case Study: Whole Foods


Whole Foods Market, the top retailer in the world for natural and organic foods, sought to gain increased visibility to and understanding of customer experiences as well as store maintenance and product presentation, at their Southeastern and Florida region locations.


  • Monitor and maintain exceptional product and display presentation standards across all fresh foods, specialty, prepared foods, grocery, health and floral departments


  • Evaluate associate adherence to strict safety, cleanliness, and product handling requirements
  • Evaluate associate product knowledge, sales efforts and customer service across numerous departments


  • Measure success in providing timely, efficient and friendly service to customers at the registers and via the Customer Service desk


Comprehensive Evaluations:
Measure the Whole Foods customer experience in grocery stores, evaluating operational and service elements.


Site Presentation & Merchandising Inspections:
Utilizing a comprehensive questionnaire, Whole Foods was able to track site presentation by department and location.

Real-Time Reporting:
Whole Foods used Second To None’s robust reporting console to access data, reports and priorities in real time, allowing managers and associates on the front line to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and to drive revenue.


A custom, comprehensive evaluation covering all Whole Foods Market departments was developed to gather information on site maintenance and presentation, product supply and freshness, and customer interaction with team members. Customer experience data was gathered during on-site visits to each store twice per month. Shoppers made observations of the exterior and interior departments, paying specific attention to cleanliness, display organization, product presentation and signage. Shoppers made a product purchase to complete a register transaction and also interacted with team members at the customer service desk.


Whole Foods gained actionable visibility to customer experiences in each department as well as operational strengths and weaknesses at the store level. Information gathered through this program enhanced store operations and service delivery, product presentation.
  • From a corporate perspective, the STN program has been exceptionally helpful in determining where we excel and in which markets we need to focus on service delivery. Second To None gives pointed and specific insights our leadership team uses to focus improvement efforts. Without this, we would not have identified and resolved internal customer service needs. Our company now sees sustained customer service quality nationally rather than in specific markets.

    Sr. VP, Operations

Case Study: Xfinity


Major cable internet provider needed a customer evaluation program focused on optimal customer experience while also increasing revenue through multiple channels.


  • To evaluate associate sales behaviors, store environment and product knowledge across multiple channels where services and products were being presented and sold.


  • To determine key drivers that will have the biggest impact on improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales.
  • Associate training on a new sales process was nearing completion and needed to be measured and monitored to provide direction on where additional coaching and training was required.


  • As new products/product enhancements continued to roll out and as associate product training was completed, associate product knowledge needed to be measured to provide direction on where additional coaching and training was required.


Product Knowledge and Sales Evaluations:
Measure the customer experience across multiple retail channels, including call centers and in-store.


Analytics and Reporting:
Custom reporting and data analytics solutions such as key drivers, customer experience mapping and sales linkage analysis in Second To None’s robust cloud-based console.

End-to-end Customized Solution Design:
Second To None developed a customized solution to track and analyze customer experience over multiple touchpoints including non-traditional in-store evaluations.


A mystery shop program was designed to evaluate the sales behavior, store environment and product knowledge across multiple changes and different retail environments. Second to None executed an initial benchmark wave which identified critical opportunities to be monitored and targeted for improvement. Using a demographically diverse group of auditors, Second To None completed mystery shops that evaluated both the in-store, on-line and call center experiences. Multiple scenarios were employed to focus on specialized product knowledge and the ability of the associates to tailor that knowledge to each customer interaction.


Critical opportunities identified during the initial benchmark wave were monitored and targeted for improvement. At the store level, evaluation reports were distributed to the field for immediate and on-going associate training, coaching and store environment improvement. Quarterly reviews and recommendations continue to identify operational and engagement deficiencies In aggregate, service has steadily improved since program inception, driven by key behavioral drivers identified through the mystery shop program.

  • The people on our Second To None project team are very responsive, helpful and a pleasure to work with. My perception is that they truly want to partner with the companies they work with and that they take great pride in the product they deliver. I have very high standards of performance and feel you have assigned to us an excellent team that delivers on their promises.

    S. W. Performance Measures Manager

Case Study: Starbucks


Starbucks needed a partner to administer a high-end, comprehensive customer evaluation program that would measure and compare the Starbucks customer experience standard for 6,000 locations quarterly. They previously utilized several different companies which failed to meet various requirements and looked for a leader within the customer experience industry. It was critical for transition to the new program be transparent to the field.


The mystery shop program measured how stores deliver against their customer experience goal of providing 5-star legendary service with each interaction.


Voice of the Customer:
Measure the Starbucks customer experience in coffeehouses.


Analytics and Reporting:
Custom reporting and data analytics solutions such as key drivers, customer experience mapping and sales linkage analysis in Second to None’s robust cloud-based console.

Brand Experience Strategy and Design:
Second to None aligned Starbucks brand strategy to the customer experience with the evaluation program. The questionnaire focused on Starbucks value to each customer interaction.


Second to None implemented a program that measured detailed quantitative information about the customer experience on a consistent basis for company owned and licensee delivery channels, ensuring all reports were identical to legacy documents for transparent transition. An in-house procurement and distribution system for scales, thermometers and stopwatches was developed as well as custom web-based report dispute resolution system for tracking of individual shops. Second to None gathered qualitative research on how stores delivered on the Starbucks mission of Culture, Coffee and Connection.


The program has become an integral part of the Starbucks “green apron” program and over 500,000 evaluations were delivered and analyzed. These evaluations revealed a set of best practices, that if delivered yielded a dramatic impact on performance- including process improvements and production area layout changes. Using the data to tweak operations, Starbucks achieved a large and significant improvement in speed of service. Building on that success, year-over-year revenue increased 12-16% at stores that moved from ‘good’ to ‘exceptional’ status.

  • Together we are doing important things for service excellence across our company. I have appreciated the fine work that Second To None has done, and working with many of you directly. You have a great deal of professionalism and a great company! A special thanks for your can-do, positive attitude and always getting the job done. This means so much. Keep moving forward with great vision, as you have.

    Program Director, Customer Experience & Insights
Minted mystery shopping

Case Study: Minted


Minted was an emerging brand experiencing rapid growth who wanted to ensure their service commitment to their customers was being consistently met as the company and product lines expanded.


  • Measure response time for phone, email, and chat requests from customers across all US time zones.


  • Measure changes to response times and customer care associate performance during pre-peak, peak and post-peak seasons.


  • Monitor customer care associates performance in direct interactions with Minted clients through phone, email and chat
  • Measure associate knowledge of various product lines and customization options (wedding, art, holiday).


  • Ensure issue resolution conducted in a timely and thorough manner to customer’s satisfaction.


  • Measure website performance to note errors, page issues, page response time.


Customer Experience Measurement:
Measure the Minted customer experience through phone, email and chat interactions.


Product Knowledge, Sales & Pricing Evaluation: 
By using a full scale approach, Second To None evaluated the product knowledge of each customer service representative from pre-order to post-order, including sales, pricing, theme and order size.

Analytics and Reporting: 
Custom reporting and data analytics solutions such as key drivers, customer experience mapping and sales linkage analysis in Second to None’s robust cloud-based console.


Minted customer care center was staffed and maintained completely in-house and a program was built with Second To None to provide critical feedback to their operational teams. The feedback was used to directly influence training tactics and coach the customer care associates on interaction success online, via phone, and in chat format.


Minted used STN data and custom reporting as a direct coaching tool for their associates. This allowed them to provide an individual success score to each customer care associate throughout the pre-peak and peak holiday seasons when hiring of new associates is completed on a weekly basis as order volume ramps up between October through December.

The program’s data helped Minted optimize training and measure success across channels and product types so issues can be quickly identified and corrected during the busiest and most important season of the year.

  • We firmly believe in the importance of customer service as a competitive differentiator.  The customer experience insights provided by Second To None to our retail banking locations have been invaluable in measuring strengths and highlighting opportunities for our associates to continue improving the customer experience.

    W. N. Sr. VP, Customer Experience
Citi mystery shopping

Case Study: Citibank


In seeking to grow a new key customer base, Citibank marketed credit card products across college campuses. In order to understand consumer perspective on how well the brand is positioned, Citibank engaged Second To None in the design of a program to measure customer satisfaction among college students who completed a Citi branded card application.


  • Ensure each event is set up, staffed, and activated on time and per presentation planogram.


  • Evaluate representative marketing techniques, customer rapport building, and knowledge of Citi card product and benefits.
  • Ensure representatives are properly attired and providing all required documentation to card applicants.


  • Confirm the promotion of the card rather than giveaway item, and only provide giveaway items to applicants who are accepted as new cardholders.


Customer Satisfaction Measurement:
Measure the Citibank customer experience on college campuses.


Actionable Analytics: 
Custom reporting and data analytics solutions such as key drivers, customer experience mapping and sales linkage analysis.

Real-Time Reporting: 
Citibank used Second to None’s robust cloud-based console to access data, reports and priorities in real time, allowing managers and associates on the front line to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and drive revenue.


Implementation of an ongoing, phone-based survey to college students within one week of completing a credit card application.  The survey is limited in scope, focused on the most critical loyalty drivers regarding the overall application process.  Several hundred surveys are completed monthly, with results delivered in real-time to Citi via a secure data reporting portal.


Survey results are utilized extensively in customer service training for Citi credit card representatives.  Retention and customer satisfaction levels are tracked and monitored real-time with a rewards system for exemplary employee service, in turn driving card representative retention and loyalty within a highly competitive marketing environment.

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