Competitive Benchmarking

Enhance your Market Position Through Understanding Competitor Strengths, Weaknesses and the Resulting Strategic Opportunities

The most resilient organizations maintain an ongoing and insightful understanding of their competition. In order to outmaneuver competitive threats, it is crucial to understand and react to what those in your industry are doing well, while creating a market advantage where they have operational, sales, product, pricing, service or customer support deficiencies.

Second To None’s Snapshot 360 Competitive Benchmarking solutions can help you continuously and accurately understand your competitors locally, regionally and nationally.

A thoughtfully designed Competitive Benchmarking program can support a variety of internal stakeholders in reacting to continually shifting dynamics within the marketplace:

• Customer-Facing Operations
• Marketing, POP and Signage
• Sales Strategies + Knowledge
• Brand Recommendations
• Merchandise + Service Pricing
• Product Availability

Are you considering a competitive benchmarking program, or looking for ways to enhance an existing initiative in order to derive greater value? You deserve a proven methodology to program design, launch and ongoing management, and our systems deliver just that. Through a carefully phased approach to Discovery, Design, Testing, Implementation and Launch, your team is assured of a transparent, collaborative and practical approach to solution design and ongoing management.

Our robust analytics and reporting services deliver powerful operational and customer insights to the right people at the right time, enabling your organization to focus with pinpoint accuracy on the most important action planning and priorities, at every level, related to driving on-site and in-store customer satisfaction, in-store operational excellence and improved financial performance.

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