Compliance Audits

Sales, Operations and Marketing Compliance Audits

Companies invest considerable resources into creating and nurturing consumer trust and brand equity. Protecting your brand equity from risk, liability and erosion is more important than ever.

Second To None’s comprehensive Compliance Audit solutions support organizations in maintaining compliance to critical operational, sales and marketing standards, as well as various government regulations.

Compliance Audit solutions are comprehensive by design, allowing you to measure both qualitative and quantitative elements of your brand, from operating standards to employee behaviors and every critical element in between.

Our compliance audit solutions are available for several channels: Sales, Marketing, Product Availability & Pricing, Merchandising & Demonstrations, Alcohol & Tobacco Sales, Medicare and Medicaid Regulations and Foreign Language Interpreter Service Call Monitoring

Second To None’s approach to compliance audit program success includes:

Our approach to optimal program success:

Integrated Program Design

We design and customize every aspect of your Compliance Audit program around your organizational lens (how you view and interact with your customers), brand and regulatory standards, to ensure the resulting business intelligence is both relevant and actionable to your stakeholders in the field, while being mindful of drawing the direct linkages back to how your customers experience your brand.

Modular Questionnares

We engineer flexibility into your Compliance Audit program, utilizing a modular questionnaire framework that offers 1) a “core” module dedicated to monitoring and tracking the most important behavioral and operational drivers of the customer experience and 2) “dynamic” questionnaire modules through which emerging initiatives or changing regulatory criteria can be quickly assessed and acted upon

Extensive Auditor Network

With a proprietary network of over 350,000 consumer compliance auditors across the U.S. and Canada, we can confidently guarantee that we have shoppers wherever and whenever you do business. Second To None is also a founding member of the International Mystery Shopping Alliance (IMSA), enabling us to offer worldwide Mystery Shopping solutions in every major global market.

Refined Compliance Auditor Selection

We customize the selection of consumer compliance auditors for your program based upon specific demographic and lifestyle attributes, ensuring deployed auditors most closely match your actual and target customer base. Eligible auditors then participate in project-specific orientation and knowledge proficiency certification based upon the specific requirements and expectation of your compliance program.

Auditor Management

Our auditors are carefully managed on a day-to-day basis by our internal team of field operations specialists, and are continually rated and ranked according to several quality-related metrics. Auditor performance according to our quality metrics influences and determines individual eligibility for assignments. Our systems also monitor for scoring bias (both positive and negative) and we regularly inactivate those who consistently display a tendency to award high or low overall scores.

Focus on Data Integrity

We employ a multi-phase Quality Assurance process that involves the extensive use of statistical process controls, as well as editing, clarifying and proofreading by a minimum of two different internal quality assurance associates who have been trained according to your program’s quality criteria. The end result is that each Compliance Audit report meets your exacting standards prior to being released to you and distributed to your stakeholders in the field.

Real-Time Reporting

Our CATAPULT reporting console provides you access to your Compliance Audit results in near real-time, and offers a wealth of customizable and user-friendly reporting features, including data visualization, that empower you and your field management to take action quickly and accurately.

Compliance Analytics

We utilize a variety of transparent and best-in-class qualitative and quantitative tools that your team can understand and that quickly transform Compliance Audit data into meaningful operational, sales and marketing insights. Key findings are always presented in an intuitive, easy-to-understand manner, allowing you to take action with clear priorities in mind.

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