Consumer Services Customer Experience

The consumer services industry is one that is consistently evolving, and as a result is increasingly hard to understand what it is exactly that the customer desires.  Additionally, as a result of enhanced technology, consumers have more options at their disposal than ever before.

The consumer services brands that are ahead of the pack are those that make an intentional effort to read the signs, adjust, and cater their services to match the wants and needs of the customer.

Consumer Services Mystery Shopping

Within the consumer services sector, it can be easy to write off Customer Experience as an unnecessary cost. However, the more knowledge and information that you can unlock surrounding your customer can be directly correlated with industry leaders.  Second To None is fit to assess your consumer services-oriented customer experience solutions effectively because we have both the skills and experience to measure, analyze and report actionable insights to your brand. The information uncovered from a mystery shopping campaign can be used to improve the daily status of your brand across many different metrics.

Consumer Services Voice of Customer

V0ice of customer feedback initiatives are especially important for consumer services brands because it is an industry dependent on providing added value to the customer. These programs can help your brand discover what additional services customers desire, and therefore your brand can more aptly meet these desires.

Any properly produce voice of customer feedback campaign will, among other insights, help provide your brand with:

  • Ability to analyze employee performance at an individual level
  • Percentage of customers that become brand ambassadors
  • Key insights as to the daily activities of your employees
  • Hierarchy of the way in which customers perceive your services

Consumer Services Compliance Audits

Sales, Operations and Marketing-focused compliance audits within the consumer services industry are vital to completing the Customer Experience picture.  Compliance audits for consumer services brands provide valuable information regarding that can be translated into a Customer Experience initiative. A well executed consumer services compliance audit program can help answer the following:

Are employees following the protocols to which they have been trained?
How do our customer perceive our services?
Are sales associates working to provide the best value at an individual level?
Are individual branches maintaining compliance when providing our services?

Integrated or Stand-Alone Programs | Unified Reporting + Analytics

Second To None is differentiated in our ability to offer Operationally-based measurement solutions – Mystery Shopping and Compliance Audits – along with Customer-based solutions Voice of Customer feedback surveys – then unifying data streams into a robust, real-time and role-specific Analytics and Insights platform.

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