Dashboard Reporting

Second To None’s proprietary Catapult reporting system is built to make it easier for our clients to get real-time updates throughout the lifespan of programs, leading to more actionable information.

With our Catapult tool, your organization will have access to all the necessary information right at your fingertips. The online platform delivers role-specific reporting to the right people at the right time across your entire enterprise. Additionally, this system is optimized to work across all devices, including mobile. Regardless of the kind of program you implement, Catapult allows brands to obtain relevant and actionable insights throughout the program timeline.

Your team will be able to customize reporting so that reports are delivered to specific individuals within your organization at designated times. Additionally, you will be able to customize your dashboard so that the program aspects your team values will be readily accessible right when you log in.

Catapult reports can be downloaded and shared in the following formats:

  • .PDF
  • .CSV
  • .XLS
  • .XLSX
  • .DOC
  • .DOCX

In addition to Dashboard Reporting, the Second To None platform consists of:

Our robust analytics and reporting services deliver clear, fact-based marketing and merchandising compliance insights to the right people at the right time, enabling you to focus with pinpoint accuracy on the most important action planning and priorities, at every level of your organization.

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