Employee Feedback

Is your brand wasting time and money because of high employee turnover?

Having a high employee turnover rate can be a key indicator of stagnation for your brand. The ability to retain employees at a competitive rate can put you ahead of your competitors, because it allows you to save money and time on training/orientation, as well as keeping your customers happy by only employing a knowledgeable and dedicated staff. Maintaining a competitive Employee Retention rate will not only improve your company culture but also lead to longer lasting relationships with your customers as well.

Second To None’s Employee Retention Measurement tools are a great way to find out how your brand stacks up against the rest of the competition. We will help collect an extensive set of existing data within your brand to find out why, where and how your brand is fairing in terms of employee retention. Through our scientifically created employee engagement surveys, we can measure, understand, and clearly report back to you the current state of your brand, as well as provide ways to increase or retain low employee turnover rates.

An optimally designed and managed Employee Retention Feedback program can lead to:

  • More transparent and connected Company Culture
  • Reduced employee training and orientation costs
  • Better understanding of the roles of your employees
  • Increased talent acquisition/retention capabilities

Employee Retention Feedback pressing brand questions:

Why do people want to work for your competitors?

What are the benefits of working for your brand?

Are there opportunities for growth within your brand infrastructure?

Do you have to deal with high employee turnover in your industry?

Our robust analytics and reporting services deliver clear, fact-based marketing and merchandising compliance insights to the right people at the right time, enabling you to focus with pinpoint accuracy on the most important action planning and priorities, at every level of your organization.

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