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Full Service Restaurant Customer Experience

A full service restaurant brand makes a commitment to its customer by providing a wide variety of services. Whether the customer calls takeout, orders online, or dines in, these brands must ensure that they have a consistent Customer Experience across these different channels.

These full service restaurant brands must have the in-store experience to attract a crowd, but also maintain high-functioning systems beyond just serving patrons in-house. Customer Experience management can be difficult in these situations, but the more knowledge at your disposal the better you can optimize the Customer Experience.

Full Service Restaurant Mystery Shopping

Because full service restaurant brands must manage so many channels, it is important to get full analysis of each of these steps. Mystery shopping programs are an effective way of obtaining this information because the brand receives directed feedback from the customer about whatever specific aspect you are trying to measure. Whether it is monitoring the bar area, wait staff, or the website, a well-designed mystery shopping program can help unlock key insights to improve the Customer Experience.

Full Service Restaurant Voice of Customer

Voice of customer feedback survey initiatives can be a valuable tool for full service restaurants because of the convenience it provides the customer. When implementing these programs, it can be challenging to encourage a significant number of customers to contribute, but this information can be essential to producing the best possible Customer Experience.

A high-functioning voice of customer feedback survey program for a full service restaurant brand can help discover:

  • Employee performance metrics
  • Customer perception of your brand
  • Information/opinions regarding specific products sold
  • Percentage of customers that become brand ambassadors

Full Service Restaurant Compliance Audits

The third source of information that can assist full service restaurant brands in establishing the best possible Customer Experience. An optimally designed compliance audit program can help these brands mitigate the inherent risk of food service by working to remain compliant with industry standards. A well-designed compliance audit initiative can help answer the following:

Are our employees interacting with the customers consistent with training?
Are certain locations out-performing others?
Is actual speed of service aligned to operational criteria and expectations?
Is our Customer Experience platform comparable to the rest of the industry?

Integrated or Stand-Alone Programs | Unified Reporting + Analytics

Second To None is differentiated in our ability to offer Operationally-based measurement solutions – Mystery Shopping and Compliance Audits – along with Customer-based solutions Voice of Customer feedback surveys – then unifying data streams into a robust, real-time and role-specific Analytics and Insights platform.

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