How to Evaluate your Existing Voice of Customer Feedback Program

If your brand is attempting to capture the voice of your customer, then there is most likely already an existing survey platform. Surveys are a great tool to accomplish this goal of garnering customer opinions because it gives those that have the desire to provide feedback the opportunity to do so. However, this population of engaged customers can often be too small to acquire useful conclusions, plus there are inherent response biases that can alter potential conclusions. Thus, it is important that the voice of customer feedback survey initiative for your brand is making efforts to improve and attract enough participants to provide actionable insights and information. By focusing on the following three aspects, your brand can evaluate and optimize its existing voice of customer feedback program:

Participation Rates:

The first place to focus on to evaluate and improve your existing program is what percentage of your customers are taking part in the surveys you provide. While actually finding out the current survey participation rate for your brand is relatively easy, figuring out ways to increase that number can be difficult. The most influential aspect of your platform to consider when looking to increase participation rate is convenience. The average consumer is on a tight schedule, and there usually is not an extra 25-30 minutes they are willing to give to complete a survey. Your brand’s survey should not take more than 10-15 minutes to complete, and it should be accessible across all available platforms, especially optimized for mobile devices. By doing so, you are setting up your customers to have easy access to a well-designed survey.

Completion Rates:

A second aspect of your voice of customer feedback platform to consider is completion rates. While having high participation rates is important, if people are just answering the first few questions and then quitting, there is a lot of valuable information left on the table. To encourage people to complete the survey from start to finish, it is important to understand the kinds of questions your brand is asking, as well as providing incentives for those customers that do take the time to complete the survey in its entirety. First, there should be a warning at the beginning of the survey with the approximate amount of time the survey will take. This transparency is important in making the customer comfortable and aware of the upcoming process. The questions you ask in your survey should not be complicated or convoluted, and should take no more than 90 seconds to complete, usually taking form as multiple choice, yes/no, or numerical rating questions. Additionally, offering incentives like coupons, store credit, or participation in a sweepstakes prize will encourage those who start the survey to finish the whole thing to remain eligible.

Quality Assurance:

The third way to assess how your current voice of customer feedback processes are running is to focus on the way that your team is evaluating these surveys. It is important to analyze and understand the big data that is collected from these programs, but it is also necessary to watch out for extreme commonalities, as well as any potential issues with the ways that questions are formed. Often, the wording of a question can be confusing, and result in the same answer on every submitted survey form. It is important that you have a quality assurance team with necessary skills to locate and absolve these issues so that your brand is not acting on misinformation. This step is incredibly important because it turns the information collected from the surveys into actual changes in the overall Customer Experience.

By focusing on these three issues, your brand is setting itself up to collect valuable information, as well as further cement the relationship between brand and consumer.


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