Is Your Retail Brand Measuring Performance Across Different Locations?

The goal for most major retail brands is to expand their brick-and-mortar locations so that they reach as many consumers as possible. As these organizations widen their geographic reach, there can be a dip in customer service and satisfaction levels. Brands that place an emphasis on establishing a system that generates consistency across these growing locations are positioning themselves as a Customer Experience industry leader. This omnichannel approach to aligning the brand experience at each of your different branch locations can help lock down long-term customer relationships, increase the profitability of each individual interaction and raise the percentage of brand ambassadors that are walking out of your stores.

A consistent omnichannel brand experience is important because it reduces the amount of mental effort necessary for a customer to complete a transaction at any of your different locations. Once you have an established brand identity, customers have a baseline set of expectations that need to be matched at each store. In fact, close to three-quarters of respondents to a Target Marketing research study said that it was important, fairly important or very important to have a cohesive omnichannel experience.[1] Customers should not have to go through mental gymnastics to complete the same action at your New York City location compared to your Milwaukee location. By consistently delivering this experience across each and every channel, customers will be more comfortable choosing your brand again, and recommending it to their own network of family and friends.

One approach that is used to achieve this level of omnichannel excellence is the implementation of self-measurement programs like mystery shopping. By sending evaluators to measure employee performance across your different store locations, your organizational leadership is investing in quantitative data that can be used to document and rank each location under your brand umbrella. Pinning down the results to uncover these problem areas can have a tangible impact on the experience you provide, thus influencing more consistently satisfied customers. Often these are easily fixable problems, like providing enhanced resources to specific stores that are experiencing problems. In fact, over half of millennial shoppers feel that in-store employees are not given the appropriate tools to deliver great service.[2] Some customers may be willing to give employees the benefit of the doubt once or twice, but if these problems persist they will quickly be unwilling to return to any of the locations in your store network.

Second To None offers a customized reporting portal that can help your team determine exactly why and where these problems may be occurring. Whether it is lack of resources in-store, increased geographic competition or some external regional or cultural factor, we help brands identify and solve these problems. As a result, these brands are able to foster a better experience within each interaction with a customer. Our mystery shopping programs are designed and built alongside the brands we work with, in order to capture the data that best helps your specific organization. Additionally, the data is filtered through a two-step quality assurance process, separating our programs from most of the industry competition.

It is up to the individual employees within your organization to provide a great experience within each and every consumer interaction. However, if there is no system of measurement, analysis and action, there is a high chance that the service provided will vary across different locations. This can be damaging to your brand persona because it makes it confusing for customers trying to determine what level of service they may be getting when walking through your doors. Ensure consistency within your in-store experience by implementing mystery shopping programs that capture performance data across all your branches, helping to align them under one universal omnichannel experience.



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