Live Chat Is A Great Way To Provide Enhanced Value To Customers Online

Creating an excellent online brand experience requires a diligent approach to measuring and reacting to the latest digital trends. There is a constantly shifting spectrum of consumer desires and expectations and if your team is not learning and adjusting to these trends customers will quickly move on to a brand that piques these evolving interests. One of the latest trends taking place in the online retail brand experience is implementing live chat service windows. Live chat is the practice of assigning support team members to interact with consumers online, typically completing support requests or answering any other sort of question.

In practice, these live chat representatives can help customers in a variety of different ways. This tool is most often used to answer frequently asked questions about your products, whether it is pricing, functionality or any other request for information. Additionally, consumers will ask for instructions to complete a specific action like returning an item or applying a coupon code. Advanced technology now allows your brand to set up a chat bot to answer frequently asked questions, but live chat offers an experiential advantage and human element that chat bots will never be able to accomplish.

There is a growing movement towards automated chatbots, especially for brands with massive amounts of site traffic. However if possible, your retail brand can stand out by providing one-on-one human interactions within these service requests. Rather than relying on stock messages sent by a robot, the people representing your brand can make a tangible impact on the individuals who visit your site by training employees to provide service within these chat windows. This approach is effective because it avoids the use of scripted responses, which have been shown to annoy 29% of digital customers.[1] This can have a major impact on the perception that a customer has after leaving your site because they received a personalized, individually-oriented style of service that is impossible when using a chat bot.

Beyond helping your customer support team make an impact on consumer perception, an active live chat feature can help influence more sales on your site. 63% of consumers are more likely to return to website that offers live chat and customers that use live chat purchase 60% more than users who do not. In fact, 38% of customers have said that they went through with a purchase directly due to great service in a live chat session.[2] Even though a chat bot is the cheaper option, having live representatives handle these online service requests can have a major impact on the sales performance of your eCommerce store and improve your brand perception at the same time.

Live chat can have a positive impact on the way customers perceive your brand identity because it shows that your team is willing to invest time, resources and energy into providing service. Consumer expectations have changed rapidly, especially online, and if your brand is not ready to meet these needs customers will quickly move on to that next search result. Ensure that you are retaining happy online customers by installing live chat representatives onto your digital website.



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