Competitive Benchmarking

How do trends in the market impact your brand’s growth?

Regardless of what industry your brand encompasses, there will be external market factors that can greatly affect your brand, both positively and negatively. Gaining this market-level competitive intelligence will lead to your brand’s ability to read and act on industry trends, giving you the best chance to become an industry leader compared to your competitors. This analysis can take shape in many forms, but this act of defining, gathering and analyzing this market data can allow you to gain extremely valuable insights into ways to efficiently improve your brand’s Customer Experience.

Second To None is uniquely positioned to assist your brand with Market-level Competitive Intelligence because of our close to three decades of experience analyzing these trends and turning them into actionable insights. We work with brands across the country, and as a result we have helped brands in many different industries and markets navigate through rocky and clear paths. Second To None’s ability to analyze these trends can have a direct impact on the daily activities of your brand, because we will give you key insights into how the market is changing, and therefore how your brand can react to these changes.

An optimally designed Market-level Competitive Intelligence program will result in:

  • Better understanding of how you stack up against competitors
  • More knowledge of how Market trends will impact your industry
  • Clear information about how your customers feel about your industry
  • Information about how your competitors run their brands

Market-level Competitive Intelligence pressing brand questions:

What are some common methods that are being used across your industry?

What technologies, trends or other factors have a major impact on the way we run our organization?

How can we predict upcoming trends and technologies and how they will change the industry?

How much do market trends currently impact the way our brand creates future strategy?

Our robust analytics and reporting services deliver clear, fact-based marketing and merchandising compliance insights to the right people at the right time, enabling you to focus with pinpoint accuracy on the most important action planning and priorities, at every level of your organization.

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