Competitive Benchmarking

Are your prices and marketing working in tandem to attract the most customers to your brand?

Making sure your brand has the best possible Customer Experience means being able to analyze and manage every aspect of your brand’s interactions with your customers. Marketing and Price are some of the most important touchpoints for establishing customer relationships, so ensuring that your brand is collecting intelligence about your current state of these two touchpoints is vital for managing the Customer Experience. Marketing and Price Intelligence benchmarking allows your brand to understand the state of your competitors, and therefore make measurable and actionable insights based off this intelligence.

Second To None is suited to helping out brands acquire this Marketing and Price intelligence because of our extensive knowledge and experience analyzing industries, and subsequently reporting these insights in a manner that allows our clients to improve their Customer Experience potential. By monitoring the existing Marketing and Price Intelligence of your industry competitors, we can create a uniquely catered program for your brand that provides you with the kind of information that will then be converted into tips that will lead to optimized marketing and pricing, and therefore an overall better experience for your customers.

An optimally designed and managed Marketing and Price Intelligence will lead to:

  • Better understanding of your industries ideal price point
  • More knowledge regarding the marketing goals of your competitor
  • Ability to more efficiently cater marketing and pricing to your customer
  • Outside-in perspective of how marketing and price can affect Customer Experience
  • Analysis regarding which aspects of your Customer Experience need improvements and which areas should be replicated

Marketing and Price Intelligence program pressing brand questions:

Are our prices optimized to suit customer preference, or just to increase bottom line?

Does our initial contact with the customer through marketing accurately reflect our brand identity?

How does our price and marketing match with competitors and industry leaders?

Our robust analytics and reporting services deliver clear, fact-based marketing and merchandising compliance insights to the right people at the right time, enabling you to focus with pinpoint accuracy on the most important action planning and priorities, at every level of your organization.

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