Patient Satisfaction: Do you have the right prescription for success?

Odd as it sounds, doctor visits can be viewed as a customer interaction just like any other. This can be unnerving to some, as our health is more important than a cup of coffee, a new phone, or even our car. But to build and run a successful practice or clinic, that mindset is exactly what well-run healthcare brands are doing.

Patients are more willing to pay a premium for better healthcare service than in most other industries. Not only because those individuals with insurance can cover a large portion of the cost, but also because paying a little extra for top tier service makes people feel more comfortable about their purchase. However, it can be difficult to categorize and monitor the patient experience if the multitude of employees involved with your service, whether that is in-home care professionals or employees at a health insurance call center, are not making sure that the patients are consistently satisfied with the service they receive.

When paired with patient survey research, deploying a mystery shopping program to benchmark and maintain your customer service standards can provide the insight needed to make sure that your brand is meeting its patients evolving needs. Often in this industry, the interactions between your employees and your patients will be a difficult or discouraging time in their life, but rather than only providing the proper healthcare, you can make a difference in their life as well as the success of your business by providing above and beyond customer service. By consistently providing your patients a quality, authentic experience, your employees can create an environment that will inspire patient loyalty in an industry where family/friend referrals are precious. Mystery shopping is the best way to evaluate and assure your brand standards are always at the forefront of patient interactions.

It is measurably cheaper to retain existing customers compared to attracting new ones. Utilizing programs like mystery shopping can help assure that you not only expand your patient base, but also allow your brand to sustain this growth. Mystery shoppers provide an unbiased and systematic approach to customer service standards. While traditionally one may only think about mystery shoppers in the retail or restaurant setting, in the healthcare industry mystery shoppers can not only ensure optimized customer experience, but also make sure that your brand is living up to the moral standards of your industry. It is especially important to monitor patient interactions with your brand because there is also risk of legal or financial repercussions if employees are not meeting your brand or industry standards.

The right CX partner can deploy both patient surveys and mystery shops, with reporting and advanced analytics to meet your needs. Implementing a mystery shopping or compliance audit for your healthcare brand can unlock key insights about the ways that customers perceive your brand. Service standards alone are reason enough to deploy mystery shoppers as patients, but also the ethical, moral and legal benefits make it a must-have for every healthcare organization. Consider that even giving incorrect information over the phone or web is falling under greater scrutiny by regulatory committees.

Monitoring and evaluating patient interactions with your brand will help identify service gaps, reducing the risk of legal or financial repercussions if employees are not meeting your brand or industry standards. From a business and perspective, these programs will not only make your patients happier and healthier, but can also lead to sustainable growth, longer customer relationships, and direct improvements to the bottom line.



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