People Are What Drives Your Brand Experience: Who Is Representing Your Brand?

Whether it is happening at the point-of-sale, within social media, on the sales floor or any other channel, ultimately it is the individual people that are responsible for translating your brand message to consumers at large. Creating a company culture that registers this level of individual responsibility and performance is challenging because it requires consistent measurement, recognition and action. This is especially true for large national or regional retail organizations that have different franchise or independent locations representing their brand in different locations across the country. Implementing programs like mystery shopping, compliance measurement and social media monitoring can help your management team collect the necessary data to ensure that the individuals are translating the appropriate brand message to consumers in all channels.

First impressions play a huge role in any relationship and that is especially true for brands and consumers. In the modern business-to-customer retail relationship, the first point of contact is typically made online. This means that your digital identity can play a potentially huge role in the way that consumers perceive your brand throughout the rest of the customer journey. Create a site that is inherently simple to understand, meaning that when a user logs on, there is as little effort as possible to complete their desired action. Typically, this means that consumers can easily access product information, complete a service request or conduct other sorts of research.  Beyond providing valuable content within the website, creating a site aesthetic that is optimized to work across different mobile devices is one effective way to start on a positive note.

Another digital interaction that can have a large impact on the way customers perceive your brand experience is social media interactions. All of the tweets, status updates and Instagram pics you send out from your different accounts should be on message, but beyond that, social media consumer interactions can be a great opportunity to provide service and prove to consumers that you value their time and feedback. These messages are also important because it is a public display that is accessible to everyone, not just the individual within the interaction. Brands that have a long timeline of great social media service are proving to these digital communities that customers voices deserve to be heard.

Ultimately, the individual talent within your organization is the difference between crafting a consistently excellent brand experience or a lackluster overall perception of your brand. Once a consumer has an idea of your organization, that perception is extremely challenging to overhaul. One individual misrepresenting your brand can have a trickle-down effect that impacts the way that a much larger audience views you. Customer Experience measurement can mitigate this risk because it helps leadership establish accurate data that can be used to recognize the best individuals and improve underperformers. Retail brands are especially dependent on the performance of frontline employees, because these service interactions play a massive role in the overall perception that consumers wind up having. Ensure your employees are contributing positively to your brand message by implementing measurement programs that help retain a consistently leading brand experience.

Second To None empowers customer-centric brands to deliver consistent, intentional and authentic consumer experiences.

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