Quick-Care Clinics Patient Experience

As more healthcare brands are emerging in the Quick-Care Clinics industry, it has become increasingly important that brands take Patient Experience into account. By doing so, you can further position your brand to not only provide the best value to your patients, but also to become a leader within your industry.

Quick-Care Clinics Mystery Shopping

Quick-Care Clinics can benefit from Mystery/Secret shopping programs because it can help uncover insights about how customers perceive your brand’s Patient Experience. These programs can be used to evaluate customer service, speed of service, quality/cleanliness of the building, in addition to many other measurable factors. Second To None can help improve quick-care health clinics can help your brand discover where they are excelling and where to focus new efforts.

Quick-Care Clinics Voice of Customer

Voice of Customer Feedback surveys play another important role for Quick-Care clinics because it gives your brand an outside-in perspective, which can be used to influence employee performance, customer service and much more.

A well set-up voice of customer feedback survey program can provide key information, including:

  • Patient perception of your brand
  • Net Promoter Score® (NPS) or willingness of your patients to recommend your services
  • Specific areas where your brand is excelling or underperforming
  • Comparisons across your different brand locations

Quick-Care Clinics Compliance Audits

Another approach to capture the opinion of your patients is to complete a compliance audit program. These are especially important in the field of healthcare because of the underlying liability of every patient interaction. This kind of compliance audit program can help to ensure that your brand is performing at its peak level, and can contribute answers to the following questions:

Is the entirety of our staff maintaining industry and legal standards?
Does our Patient Experience translate evenly from employee training to actual customer interactions?
Is the physical location of our brand up to ours/industry standards?
Do those employees working directly with patients strive to provide top-of-the-line quality of care?

Integrated or Stand-Alone Programs | Unified Reporting + Analytics

Second To None is differentiated in our ability to offer Operationally-based measurement solutions – Mystery Shopping and Compliance Audits – along with Customer-based solutions Voice of Customer feedback surveys – then unifying data streams into a robust, real-time and role-specific Analytics and Insights platform.

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