Social Media Customer Service: Is your brand connecting with customers through Social Media?

As the world is becoming increasingly connected due to the exponential increase of online communication platforms, we are witnessing a revolution in the way that consumers form relationships with brands across all industries. This means that it is even more important than ever for brands to avoid becoming the target of the next social media scandal, as well as being available to provide customer support or service virtually 24/7. There are several different approaches a brand can use to optimize its social media, but the main three are to provide customer service/support, connect with existing customers, and attract new customers.

Providing Customer Service/Support:

The most effective way to provide value to your customers via your social media platforms is to offer customer support services. What this means is to have a real person monitoring platforms like Twitter or Facebook for negative reviews or service requests, and being able to provide the information. This is an intriguing development because it stretches the parameters of the brand-to-consumer relationship. Check out this example of great social media customer support from the popular streaming service, Hulu:

Connect with Existing Customers:

Beyond just providing support or service, social media can be used to create a lasting connection with customers. Consumers feel a thrill when a verified brand account is responding to, retweeting, liking or sharing their posts. This minute-moment-of-fame can greatly boost the way that customers perceive your brand, and further entrench long-term relationships with customers. One major example of brands connecting with consumers is when restaurant retweet complimentary customer posts, just like Cracker Barrel’s official Twitter account in the following examples:

Attract New Customers:

Another common way that social media is utilized by brands across many different industries is to attract new customers. This is mostly done through brand-related gimmicks or giveaways, or simply by implementing creative content into your brand’s daily feed. Whether it is contributing to the latest viral challenge, national hashtag, making an original video, or sponsoring a highly-followed celebrity, brands can get creative with the way that they attract new customers via social media. The following are examples of ways that you can use Twitter to attract new customers from Cold Stone Creamery, and Almay Cosmetics:

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