What Every Healthcare Brand Needs To Consider Before Partnering With An MSP

Like investing in any other part of your organization, it is essential to do the proper amount of research before officially partnering with a mystery shop provider (MSP). Mystery shopping can yield extremely valuable results to any brand hoping to improve its existing Customer Experience, but each organization has unique needs that every MSP may not be able to fulfill. This is especially true for healthcare organizations, because it is often harder for MSPs to find evaluators willing to complete these kinds of assignments. Ultimately, if your healthcare brand is hoping to provide a leading Patient Experience, you need to make sure that the MSP you work with is suited to fit your unique needs.

Firstly, to determine if the MSP is the right fit for your healthcare organization, they need to have documented success working in your specific subset of the healthcare industry. Often times, MSP’s will take on projects they are not suited to handle, which can result in delayed and tarnished results. During the proposal phase of the relationship, ask for documented case studies or examples of brands like yours that the MSP has worked with in the past. The vendor may claim it has worked with a healthcare organization, but it its experience is only with hospitals, that does not mean they are suited to serve the needs of a chiropractic clinic, or other kind of healthcare brand. This will prove that they have the capability to provide the unique program traits necessary to succeed.

Next, it is vital to understand how the MSP is finding and qualifying its evaluators. This is especially important in the healthcare space because evaluators are often unwilling to complete these kinds of shops they are loyal patients to their existing form of healthcare. It is important to confirm a steady flow of new shoppers joining each vendor, to prove that the vendor is consistently working to find new evaluators. If the MSP does not have the wherewithal to appropriately fill your location assignments, there will be wasted spend in finding a third-party organization to fill the gaps. Additionally, ask questions about how the MSP ensures the quality of each evaluator, to confirm that the information collected is verified and actionable.

Another aspect to consider when looking for an MSP for your healthcare organization is data integrity. Because healthcare shops are more challenging to assign than other industries, there is a likelihood that MSPs will try and complete evaluations by any means necessary, often resulting in the need for a third-party vendor to fill difficult locations. You need to ensure that your brand is working with a provider that has documented systems in place to legitimize the data it collects. In doing so, your brand will be in a better position to understand how to most effectively provide optimized value to its patients.

Completing this research before investing in a mystery shopping program is important in all industries, but it is especially important for healthcare organizations. Brands that are able to relay this message of value over profit to their patients will find that the bottom line will consistently grow, because of the excellent quality of service provided. Mystery shopping is a great tool utilized by healthcare brands across the world, however it is important that your organization conducts the proper research before entering into any relationship with a MSP. Make sure to implore about the aforementioned topics to determine which provider best suits your brand.

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