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5 Ways To Use Data To Impact The Customer Experience

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While we are firmly entered in, “The Age Of The Customer,” a more descriptive term might be, “The Age of Data.” People are more free with personal information than ever before, and brands have more advanced technology that helps them to capture, analyze and understand the way customers interact with each other and other organizations. The key to this data is being able to convert the numbers into actionable changes in a Customer Experience platform. Learn more in the infographic below, posted by Samantha Hausler for Oracle. You can access the piece by clicking here, or by reading below:

This piece was originally published by Oracle on May 30, 2017.

“It’s hard to believe that a mere ten years ago the first iPhone launched and Google’s IPO was only three years old. People were amazed that such seemingly simple platforms could store and give so much information on demand. Now, they run our daily lives and even know what we need, before we need it.

Fast advances in technology have shifted how customers and brands operate. Customers are dictating each brand interaction on their own terms, and brands are investing in digital transformation to keep up. With digital transformation comes a big opportunity: data. Although businesses are no stranger to collecting data, they’re not as good applying it. About 80% of enterprise data is dark – completely untouched. New technology trends are making it easier for companies to use data more strategically to meet mounting customer demands, but as the options continue to grow, it becomes harder to know where to focus attention.”

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