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The Importance of Retaining Strong Company Values: Newman’s Own

A great company culture starts at the top of the organization and trickles down to the rest of the employees. Often, it is one person’s philosophy or vision that shapes the entire strategy of a large brand, but what happens when that individual leaves the company? Take for example, the large percentage of second generation family […]

Reduce The Necessary Customer Effort To Return Products

The relationship between brand and consumer is a frequently shifting power dynamic, but recently the increase of digital technology has given customers more agency than ever before. While elevated digital communications has given brands more tools to identify and reach their target customers, in the online universe, customers now have virtually endless opportunities to purchase […]

Three Things To Learn From eCommerce Apps

With the increase of digital connectivity, brands have more opportunities to form relationships and connect with their customers. Specifically, mobile devices have become a space where brands have managed to execute a mutually beneficial status quo. It is a relatively convenient way for customers to experience your brand product or service, but it also opens up entirely new possibilities […]

Make Sure Third-Party Vendors Contribute to a Consistent Brand Identity

One of the foundational goals of any Customer Experience program is to create a consistent brand experience across all different channels and locations. This means that those customers at your Las Vegas location will have the same experience as those shopping in Atlanta. On top of geographical consistency, customers that choose to shop online should feel […]

10 Ways to Ensure a Great Online Customer Experience

Online retail is a relatively new battlefield, but there is no shortage of competition. Brands hoping to remain relevant in the minds of their customers must create a Customer Experience platform that specifically addresses this emerging channel. However, because it is a new way to interact with customers, it is challenging to create the right kind of experience […]

These 8 Trends are Going to Change Luxury Retail

The ability to read trends and then act upon can be the difference maker that sets your brand apart from the rest of the competition. Specifically, realizing and understanding technology trends and how they impact your business is a surefire way of staying ahead of the pack. One industry that is recently being impacted by technological […]

The Transition to eCommerce for Furniture Retailers

Regardless of the industry your organization encompasses, a whole different battleground exists compared to twenty years ago. Online shopping cannot be considered as simply a trend, but instead as something that serves as a foundational pillar of your Customer Experience platform. One industry that has been especially impacted by the rise of eCommerce customers are […]

Do Millennials Monitor Their Email Inboxes?

The millennial customer base is growing in scope and purchasing power, and as a result brands are changing the methods they use to interact with potential customers. There is a much larger emphasis on digital technology, because that is the primary tool used by millennials as a source of information. Additionally, there has even been stark changes to the most […]

What Exactly Does a Mystery Shopping Vendor Do?

A high-performing organization should have an existing Customer Experience program with the ability to uncover customer preferences and convert this data into actionable reports. Brands that are able to accomplish this tend to be leaders within their industries, but there is still a lot of misinformation revolving around the value of investing in Customer Experience. Thus, it is hard to truly know […]

Converge your Existing Online and In-Store Customer Experiences

Due to the increased connectivity between consumer and brand, customers have much loftier expectations than in the past. Before, there was a buffer period for brands to respond to customer feedback, but with the increased reach created by social media, customers want virtually instant feedback just as though they were asking an employee directly in […]