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Difficult Employees and Their Impact on Company Culture

Managers that are able to get the most out of their employees are putting their organizations in the best position to succeed. However, there are many different kinds of employees that make this extremely challenging. Each individual employee has an impact on the overall company culture, and it is up to leadership to make sure each […]

The Value of Engaged Employees in the Restaurant Industry

It is no secret that engaged employees have a profound impact on the growth potential and customer relationships created by brands throughout pretty much any industry. One sector that shows a strong correlation between engagement and success is the restaurant industry. Whether it is fast-casual, luxury or delivery, employees that truly care about their work, […]

Turn Your Retail Store Into A Destination

Due to the proliferation of online options, retail stores must find creative ways to attract customers to walk into their doors. While having great service and products is a given, a new method that retail brands are taking advantage of is experiential advancement. By turning their stores into more then just a place to buy something, […]

Correctly Measure Your Customer Experience Program

The first step to any successful Customer Experience Program is to establish the right parameters for measurement. Without this crucial measurement step, brands lack the visibility necessary to make impactful changes to their customer service. However, a lot of brands do not accurately measure the way they are interacting with customers. To learn more about […]

Senior Living Centers: The Importance of Patient Experience

Just as Customer Experience has become a growing influence throughout other industries, healthcare brands are beginning to better understand the value of creating a great Patient Experience. Whether it is a hospital, a physical therapy clinic, or nursing home, these healthcare organizations are prioritizing relationship-building with their clientele, rather than focusing solely on profit driven […]

Advanced Technology is Changing Customer Journeys

As technology changes, so too does the way that brands are interacting with customers. One specific technology, artificial intelligence, is having an extremely profound impact on the way that customers are reaching brands. While there is a traditional preference for human-interactions over artificial intelligence, as technology improves to match human behavior, AI has become an effective […]

One-Stop Shop: What Value do C-Store Customers Want?

In the past, the value provided by Convenience Stores (C-stores) has been cheap prices and quick service. However, with the proliferation of online shopping penetrating virtually every industry, convenience is not a unique value anymore. These stores used to attract shoppers because they could quickly grab everything from a morning coffee, school supplies, or even […]

How To Engage With Customers Online

Consumers are more connected with the brands they interact with than ever before, mostly because of the rapid increase of communication technology. The key to influencing top engagement among your customer base is through mobile, in addition to spaces like social media or text messaging. Brands that are able to adjust their mobile Customer Experience to match […]

4 Tips to Maximize Mystery Shopping Results Across Your Organization

As Customer Experience becomes a more valued aspect of a brand’s identity, more organizations are beginning to implement mystery shopping programs, throughout many different industries. The value provided by these kinds of programs is not hard to digest. These programs provide granulized feedback directly from active consumers, that assumedly have a passion for good service […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Millennial Shopping Behavior

It is common practice for brands to adjust their Customer Experience to cater towards the growing group of Millennial shoppers. However, there is new information that suggests that while they are often labeled as uniquely different in the media, the shopping behavior of millennials is not actually that different than other customer segments. Check out this infographic […]