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Personalizing and Simplifying Customer Experience

The main themes and ideas that lead to a great Customer Experience are easy to digest and understand, because we have all been customers that have received both fantastic and sub-par service in the past. Sure, its commonplace knowledge that everyone wants to get the best deal and be told clear and thoughtful information, but […]

6 Tips for Creating the best Customer Experience

Figuring out what your customer really wants is one of the most challenging tasks that faces business across all industries. Each individual brand has their own target customer that they need to cater their Customer Experience for, so how can your brand stand out to your customer? Once your brand has the capability to analyze […]

How Mystery Shopping can Help your Brand Optimize Customer Experience

At this moment, if your brand isn’t striving to improve or maintain its Customer Experience standards, then you are already falling behind your competition. Customer Experience is now an important driving factor for growth and success across virtually every industry, and as a result, brands are utilizing more tools and resources than ever to further […]

The importance of Customer Experience vs. Customer Service

In order to truly optimize your customer interactions, it is important to understand the difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience. Those brands that are able to distinguish this difference are ahead of the curve because they realize the overall picture of the customer journey. Teaching your employees to work beyond just providing good Customer Service, and instead encapsulate […]

Get the most out of your Mystery Shops

While Mystery Shopping is certainly subject to criticism, it can be a critical component to building the best possible customer experience. In the age of availability that we live in, the user experience is more valuable than ever, and Mystery Shopping provides an effective way of measuring the aspects within your brand that need further tuning. The […]

Best Practices in Delivering a Great C-Store Customer Experience

For many industries providing a great customer experience can be relatively simple. At a movie theatre, as long as the seats are comfy and the movie runs smoothly, most customers are pretty happy with what they paid for. At an electronics store, if your employees are knowledgeable enough to answer questions and products are relatively […]

Corporate Mindfulness: How your Brand can Connect with your Community

More so than ever, it is important that we strive to grow together and make our community stronger. While this is easy to picture from an individual perspective, it can be hard to imagine this frame of thought in terms of your brand or organization. Corporate mindfulness is an important concept to understand when forming this community, as it helps to […]

Fundamental Elements of Creating a Customer-Centric Sales Culture

While often overlooked, having a defined company culture can be a key step in creating a brand with the best possible growth potential. It is true that each individual company culture will vary in several ways, but one universal theme that leads to growth is establishing a culture based around creating an optimized Customer Experience. […]

Meal Kits and Millennials: How Grocery Stores are Growing their Customer Base

In response to the rapidly growing meal-kit industry, grocery retailers are forced with the challenge of keeping those customers with no cooking skills, who are still interested in avoiding the price of eating out. New companies like Blue Apron are proving that there is a market for these easy to prepare meal-kits, and as a response, many grocery retailers […]

Provider Directory Compliance Webinar

Recently, accurate, up-to-date and easy to access Provider Directories have been a targeted focus for the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). According to CMS’s annual Call Letter for the Medicare Advantage and Part D programs, “Data gathered by CMS, as well as continued stakeholder concerns, has intensified our concerns with provider directory accuracy. We will continue to […]

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