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How to Encourage A Seamless Experience For Online and Offline Sales

Reducing customer effort is a key aspect of a well-designed Customer Experience program, because it proves to customers that a brand is looking to make their life easier. Focusing your brand around this approach will help elongate customer relationships and increase your potential of return customers. Now that there are more selling spaces than ever before, it […]

5 Questions To Ask a Mystery Shopping Provider Before Implementing a Program

Before entering into a partnership with a mystery shopping provider, it is essential that you ask the right questions to determine that it is the right vendor. Just like other industries, there are many different styles and sizes of mystery shopping providers, making it a challenge to find the right organization to fit alongside your […]

Turn Your Website Into a Experiential Destination

Turning your brick-and-mortar location into an experiential destination is key to crafting a leading Customer Experience in the modern age of the customer. People have so many options, utilizing experiential events is a greta way to stand out among the crowd. This same approach can now be utilized for your brand’s digital Customer Experience, because of advanced […]

Customer Experience and its Role as a Brand Differentiator

The ability to separate yourself from your competition is important, because there are so many options for customers that it is easy to be hidden amongst the crowd. Customer Experience can play a huge role in differentiating your organization, especially when it is built on optimizing each individual interaction between your brand and a customer. Customers will […]

What Questions Should You Ask In Your Mystery Shopping RFP?

If your organization is already looking into implementing a mystery shopper program, there are probably several different vendor options being explored by your team. While completing this due diligence is important, it can be challenging to know what are the right questions to ask when submitting a request for proposal (RFP). Asking the right questions […]

5 Ways To Improve Your Customer Experience With Instagram

Social media platforms present a growing opportunity for brands to improve the way they interact with customers. Social networks like Instagram contribute to reducing the amount of effort it takes for patrons to find and learn about your product or service. However, because it is a relatively new space for businesses to interact with customers, there […]

Customer Reviews and Their Impact on the Digital Experience

Customer feedback is obviously a vital aspect of any successfully Customer Experience program, because it serves as the primary method to learn about how customers perceive a brand. While collecting information via voice of customer feedback survey or mystery shopping programs is an important cog of this machine, customer reviews are an additionally if not more […]

The Best Ways to Encourage Brand Ambassadors

The best Customer Experiences consistently produce brand ambassadors, meaning customers who will bring their own personal network to your organization. Optimizing your brand to produce more of these ambassadors is a sign that your Customer Experience is running smoothly, and that you are providing an appropriate value to your customers. To encourage more, leadership needs […]

30 Factors Driving Customer Decisions

Understanding the state of your customers is vital to any brand hoping to provide a leading Customer Experience. There are a countless amount of factors that contribute to people making purchasing decisions, and it is still important for your brand to work towards understanding as many of these factors as possible. Brands that are consistently striving to understand […]

The Importance of Conveying a Modern Customer Experience

In the fashion world new styles are always popping up, supplanting the mainstays in a constantly evolving organic life cycle. To be successful in this environment, industry leaders need to consistently understand how customers are perceiving their ideas and then be able to act on this information. This same philosophy should be applied to brands […]

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