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Tips to Increase eCommerce and In-Store Customer Retention

One of the key metrics to determine overall customer loyalty is figuring out the rate of return customers. By increasing the ability of your brand to encourage repeat purchase, you are setting up the organization to create more brand promoters and move the needle towards consistent growth. The following article was written by Peter Roesler for […]

Net Promoter Score: What is it and Why Should your Brand Use it?

What is NPS? Net Promoter Score, or NPS, is a metric created by Fred Reichheld, and has been increasingly embraced by organizations seeking an efficient, effective way to measure and monitor customer loyalty, and how that impacts overall growth. NPS measures the likelihood of a customer to recommend your product or service to a friend […]

3 Steps to Improve your Existing Voice of Customer Insights

Figuring out how to best hear from and act on the insights provided by your customer is important for teams across your entire organization. While traditionally, these kinds of projects are relegated to one team like marketing or customer-facing, by spreading this information throughout the entire company, you are setting your employees to not only provide better […]

Competitive Benchmarking: The Forgotten Side of Mystery Shopping

Knowledge is the key for brands looking to create organizational shifts in terms of their Customer Experience. By unlocking information about your current organizational Customer Experience practices, brands can figure out how they can further establish relationships with their customers. The most effective method of uncovering this trove of information is by implementing a mystery […]

Are your Marketers Asking These Essential Questions?

The first step to providing a great value to your customers is figuring out the right areas of the Customer Experience to focus on. By asking the right questions, the goals of your organization become clearer, setting employees up to better accomplish these benchmarks. One trend that many marketers have seen is that customers desire simplicity, or […]

A Great Experience is the Best Way to Connect with Customers

While it is important to ensure that the actual product or service your brand is optimized to provide the most value to your customer, in order to really establish loyal customer relationships brands must focus on the quality of interactions. This connection means that your brand must be prepared to provide top-quality service throughout the entire […]

How to Evaluate your Existing Voice of Customer Feedback Program

If your brand is attempting to capture the voice of your customer, then there is most likely already an existing survey platform. Surveys are a great tool to accomplish this goal of garnering customer opinions because it gives those that have the desire to provide feedback the opportunity to do so. However, this population of engaged […]

The Seven Pillars of Customer-Centric Brands

While this is not a surprise for some of the most successful brands, those organizations that make an effort to be customer-centric are reaping the benefits. A recent study conducted by dunhumby resulted in even more statistics regarding the importance of delivering customer-centric value. Beyond just making your customers happier, there is a concrete financial impact for […]

The Value of Loyalty Programs for Grocery Brands

Establishing a mutually beneficial relationship between a brand and its customers is essential to forming long term customer relationships. Having defined methods to create brand advocates is considerably cheaper and more effective than large scale advertising campaigns. Specific to the grocery industry, one supremely effective way of providing value to the customer and cementing customer […]