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Mobile is Key… and Success can be Achieved Outside of Apps

In an effort to keep pace with the current trend towards mobile, many brands are introducing mobile applications. In many cases these apps are widely adopted and help to establish a new touchpoint for interacting with customers. T-Mobile recently released an app that garnered thousands of customer users due to its focus on weekly giveaways […]

Three Aspects of a Successful Customer Experience

In the wake of instability across virtually every industry, there is one thing that brands can do to ensure they are moving in a positive direction. Create a customer-centric company culture, focused on establishing the best possible Customer Experience. This is one of the best ways to ensure that your brand remains above it’s competitors within the […]

Making Sense of Mobile Market Research

Twenty years ago we would have never imagined a culture in which a majority of people’s time is consumed with staring down at a tiny pocket-sized mobile computer. The smartphone has been one of the pinnacle technological innovations of our society, and its impact on the way consumers judge products and services is undeniable. As a […]

Brands are now using Customer Experience to Drive Digital Transformations

As customers are increasingly turning towards digital touchpoints, brands must adjust the way that they create and monitor their Customer Experience. Recently, there has been a trend of brands using Customer Experience data to improve the way they interact with their customers online. This is an important turning point in the Customer Experience industry, as we are now starting […]

6 Common Mistakes that lead to a bad Customer Experience

Ideally, every brand should be striving to creating the best possible environment for its customers. However, in practice we see that often times consumers must deal with agitating customer service mistakes that lead to lost business for the brand. If your brand is in the business of creating brand ambassadors, it is imperative that you are providing […]

Use Customer Experience to Connect with your Customers

Simply creating a satisfactory customer experience will no longer cut it in today’s consumer-business relationships. In order to create constant growth, and a vast pool of ambassadors, brands need to make an intentional and directed effort to become more customer-centric. While this can come in many forms, and effect vastly different areas of your brand, there are some […]

6 Methods to Ensure your Journey Maps Effect Customer Experience

Creating Journey Maps can be a useful tool, but if it not creating any significant change on the overall customer experience for your brand, it can be a waste of time and effort. Like every action your brand completes, there should be a determined and measurable goal when making attempts to optimize your brand’s customer experience. Read Steve […]

Starbucks Creates New Outlook Add-In to Improve Customer Experience

Finding creative ways to optimize your brand’s customer experience can be very challenging. However, once these methods are created and established, they can be quick ways to boost the customer loyalty and advocacy within your brand. Recently, Starbucks has added to their digital customer experience by creating a plug-in that connects directly with Microsoft Outlook. By connecting their brand to […]

Customer Service Bots Learning to Recognize and React to Context of Customer Interactions

Customer service bots have a history of being extremely frustrating to deal with. These devices have always been good at understanding the content they are tasked with dealing with, but there was never a way for the bots to understand the context of customer service requests. In an attempt to advance customer service technology, SRI International, […]

4 Tips to Turn Mistakes into Learning Opportunities

Recently, American airline juggernaut Delta had to deal with the aftermath of delaying, canceling or grounding 4,000 flights. While this is clearly not a positive way to effect your customer experience, your brand can learn from Delta’s response to this situation as a way to figure out how your brand can deal with a major mistake like this. Susan Ganeshan […]

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