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How Your Brand Can Exceed Without Advanced Technology

Advanced technology has opened up a new world of brand-to-customer communications, but simply upgrading your CX infrastructure is not enough to become an industry leader. Ultimately, non-technology focused moments throughout the customer journey will have the biggest impact on your brand’s ability to form relationships with customers. Properly trained employees will serve as the most […]

Evaluate Individual Branches During Competitive Benchmarking

Organizations that have managed to open up branches across the country are constantly trying to measure, understand and improve the performance of each individual location to ensure they match brand standards. One effective way to understand the performance of individual branches under your brand umbrella is to implement competitive benchmarking programs, because it can capture […]

Why Every Brand Should Be Focusing Its Efforts Around Omnichannel

In the past, different factors like product-type or organizational size, contributed to which areas your team should invest in to reach as many customers as possible. This resulted in different opportunities within the same industry for a variety of organizations. However, as the world becomes increasingly via digital pathways, there is less of an opportunity to carve […]

How To Stand Out In The Sportswear Industry

Online stores and increased accessibility has ramped up competition amongst organizations in every industry, making it essential that brands find a way to offer a unique value to their customers that only they can provide. By tailoring your services to provide this level of value, you are positioning your brand to both endear itself to […]

Four Common Pitfalls Of CX Personalization

Personalization can serve as a differentiator for your brand’s Customer Experience platform, but there is a fine line between providing a uniquely specific service and creating an invasive perception of your brand. Ideally, customers will feel as though your brand is not taking advantage of information to maximize profit from each individual, but instead are using […]

Why You Need To Understand Amazon’s Healthcare Initiative

As it continues its move towards becoming a global business hegemony, Amazon is providing value to more than just its customers. Recently, the powerhouse brand announced a new effort to improve the way they provide their employees with healthcare, sending shockwaves throughout the healthcare industry. However, rather than being averse to this oncoming disruption, brands should be […]

Alcohol and Tobacco Compliance for C-Store Brands in 2018

Brands that stock and sell alcohol and tobacco products have a responsibility to their community to ensure they remain compliant with federal and local regulations. The repercussions for failing to comply will fall on both the larger brand and the individual locations, meaning that both parties are responsible for maintaining this level of compliance. As […]

Six Upcoming Service Trends For 2018

As technology increases, customers are interacting with brands in completely novel ways. Because of these new trends, brands need to constantly measure and update the value they are providing to customers at these different touchpoints. Understanding how your organization can meet customers within these evolving channels can help vault you ahead of industry competition and endear […]

Third-Party Retail: The Value of Monitoring How Your Product Is Being Sold

For many brands, the majority of their income is based around the ability to sell their product within another organization’s brick-and-mortar store. This is an extremely competitive field, because the third-party brands that stock these products are not going to do your brand any favors in terms of the shelving, displays and sales of your […]

Narrow The Distance Between Your Brand And Your Customers

Crafting a leading customer service strategy can serve as a differentiator for brands in any industry, because it is this kind of value that truly sticks out to customers in this age of indulgence. Customers can find any product in countless ways, so training employees to provide an above-and-beyond level of service will contribute to your […]

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