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Patient Experience as a Driving Factor for your Healthcare Brand

While it may seem out of place, often some of the worst customer service comes from healthcare brands. While customer service and experience has taken over virtually every other industry, it is still lacking for many healthcare brands like insurance providers, health and wellness centers, physical therapy outlets and private practices. Because of this, your […]

Customer Experience Trends to look for in 2017

Understanding how to better connect with your customer can be a key differentiator for your brand in 2017. Customers expect more from brands than ever before, and as a result it is even more important to collect data that allows you to gain key insights into your customer’s desires. The following list of trends was published by Richard […]

What Every Customer Experience Leader Needs to Learn

Establishing an excellent brand-wide Customer Experience is dependent on employees from all departments, however it is especially important to have it start from the top. Customer Experience managers have a lot on their plate, especially as technology evolves and we become more integrated into our customer’s lives. The following tips from Thomas Barta is meant to help these members of the […]

Is your Customer Experience Designed with Intention?

Just as you should be doing across other branches of your brand, when formulating a plan for your Customer Experience each action within your campaign should be taken with a designated and measurable result. It would be irresponsible for a brand to purchase a new software, invest in a new website design, or start a new […]

Small Businesses must use Different Techniques to Capture Cyber Monday Profits

Cyber Monday is a huge day for consumers and retailers across the world, and is commonly perceived as one of the most profitable days of the year for eCommerce. However, most customers tend to visit big-box retailers like Amazon for deals, while small businesses are relegated to the side because they are unable to match price […]

Use NPS alongside Customer Experience Management to Create Actionable Conclusions

While it is not a perfect metric, figuring out your brand’s Net Promoter Score can be a vital step in establishing an industry-leading Customer Experience. Standing alone, NPS is a great way to measure customer loyalty, but there needs to be additional information sourced in order to make realistic claims regarding customer satisfaction. One way to […]

Patagonia Makes Statement by Donating all of Black Friday Sales to Charity

In an effort to encapsulate the holiday spirit and send a message to their customers, outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia has pledged to donate all of the profits from their stores on Black Friday. This is an important moment in the retail community because we are witnessing a Black Friday transition from trying to earn as much […]

The Customer is Now in Control

While “the customer is always right” has been a common saying for decades, recent improvements in technology have shifted more power over to consumers than ever before. Because we are able to communicate instantly at any time we want, we expect the brands that serve us to have these channels of communication open at all times as […]

Employee Engagement is Foundational to Customer-Centric Success

Establishing Customer Experience as a foundational part of your brand’s company culture means nothing without your employees actually turning these directions into real-life interactions with customers. Employee engagement needs to be a foundational aspect of your customer-centric practices to create the kind of Customer Experience that leads to more brand ambassadors and a higher customer […]

The Way you Measure your Customer Experience Matters

Understanding what your customers desire can be a very challenging tasks. While the technology that uncovers the voice of your customer allows for more transparency than ever before, it can be extremely challenging to filter through this mass amount of data to find actionable insights. One aspect of a Customer Experience initiative is your brand’s ability to measure […]