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Focusing On Mindfulness Can Impact Every Aspect Of Your Brand

While it is important for brand leadership to continuously maintain the homeostasis of your organization, individual mindfulness practices can improve themselves and the brand as a whole. Ideally, these practices start at leadership, and trickle down to employees within all levels of the organizational structure. To learn more about these mindfulness practices, check out the following piece […]

Mystery Shopping 101: How To Be A Great Evaluator

Quality data and information is an vital aspect of any Customer Experience platform. Brands will pay exorbitant costs to ensure they can collect actionable and reliable data, and as a result, work as an evaluator is a good opportunity to earn supplemental income. To start evaluating brands in your community, sign up with a legitimate […]

How Your Brand Reputation Interacts With Your SEO Ranking

The art of search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is a growing industry that has an impact on brands in every space. The ability to understand and improve your brand’s SEO ranking can have a huge impact on the way that customers find and perceive your organization. While this is a relatively new science, brands with […]

Create a Digital Experience Beyond an eCommerce Store

When crafting a digital Customer Experience, too often brands focus too much on their eCommerce store, and not enough on other aspects of their website. Site functionality, aesthetic, navigation and many other factors can have a huge impact on a brand’s perception of your website, and if they are not monitored, they could quickly become stale. Learn more […]

4 Benefits of Implementing a Mystery Shopping Program

Once an organization reaches a certain size, it becomes difficult to manage and craft a consistent Customer Experience across the many different locations and employees. At first, a brand can explicitly craft each individual reaction so that it fits inside their unique brand identity, but with success comes more opportunities for this identity to swerve […]

Improve Your In-Store Experience With These Three Tips

While crafting a great Customer Experience is the goal of any brand, sometimes it is better to start by ensuring that there are not any glaring problems that cause bad experiences. One channel where poor service and bad experience can be especially harmful is customers purchasing products in-store. The ability to train employees to provide a […]

Is Your Brand Capturing Enough Employee Feedback?

Company culture does not only have an impact on a brand’s ability to attract and acquire talent, but it also has a direct correlation with a brand’s ability to consistently produce satisfied customers. It is no secret that engaged employees lead to better customer interactions, but it can often be difficult to establish what changes […]

The Key To Encouraging A Great CX Is Creating Engaged Employees

As it becomes a more prevalent and important part of a brand’s identity, organizations are prioritizing Customer Experience ahead of where it traditionally lied. Due to increased competition and technology, brands are now in a position where if they are not acting to provide a top-of-the-line experience, it will undoubtedly be losing out to the competition. One way that […]

The Holiday Shopping Experience Has Become Increasingly Digital

Now that we are completely immersed in the fall chapter of 2017, people across the country are crossing off items on their holiday shopping lists. This two-month period can be a make-or-break moment for the yearly success of any retail organization, and if your brand is not prepared, customers will undoubtedly move on to your […]

How To Create Lifetime Customer Relationships

Brands that curate lifetime relationships with their customers are receiving maximized value from individual customer interactions. This is an important differentiator because it proves that the organization is doing business based on maximum profits at each interaction with the customer, but rather by offering added value at each turn. To learn more about how your […]

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