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Create Relationships With Customers Beyond Sales Transactions

Organizations have more tools than ever to form customer relationships, and these interactions should last beyond the typical sales transactions. Online communication makes it easier for brands to accomplish this goal, but it needs to be completed using the right methodology. This means different things for different industries, but overall, the ability to add value […]

Deliver Your Food, And Your Customer Experience, The Right Way

The ability to reach customers where it is most convenient for them can be a differentiator between your organization and the competition. One segment in which convenience is especially important is the food delivery industry, because reduced effort is inherent in the value proposition of the service. Online ordering has greatly disrupted the delivery industry by […]

Understanding The Importance of Customer Retention Rates

The ability to encourage long-term customer relationships can yield great value to brands across any industry. Customer retention is a sign of a great Customer Experience, because it proves that the value you are providing is worth coming back to. Additionally, brands that shift their focus towards retention and away from acquisition can save money and […]

Use Retail Mashups to Transition Your Retail Store into A Destination

The ability to keep a retail brand running in the modern eCommerce age can be difficult, as we have witnessed with the large number of formerly capable brands that have collapsed underneath these added pressures. The brands that do manage to figure out the formula to success are those that transform their brick-and-mortar locations into […]

Grocery Store Customer Journeys Are Becoming Increasingly Digital

Advanced technology has served as a disrupting factor in most industries, but it has been especially impactful for grocery brands. We are witnessing revolutionary changes to brick-and-mortar store layouts, customer relationship building efforts, and the overall value proposition to the customers they serve. One change that cannot be ignored is the effect that digital technology has […]

The Value of Mobile Devices for eCommerce Brands

Figuring out ways to differentiate yourself from competition is a vital aspect of any brand strategy, but this is especially true for brands in the eCommerce space. As technology has advanced, this sector has become increasingly competitive, and organizations that are not reacting to the trends of the industry will quickly find that they are […]

Create A Digital Strategy In Tandem With Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Brands that have brick-and-mortar locations as their primary focus are currently facing many different kinds of challenges in the modern Internet age. While there are many who feel that brick-and-mortar locations will soon be replaced by online stores, in reality these stores have retained immense value when considering customer relationship building. Learn more about how to align digital […]

Why Hospitality Brands Need To Focus on Customer Experience

One of the great parts about the expanded online communities available to us today is the fact that as consumers, we can look to each other for information before committing to a purchase. The world of customer reviews has been revolutionized by social media and expansive eCommerce platforms, making an organization’s digital presence more important […]

The Warby Parker Business Model Could Be A Model For The Future

Organizations now have more flexibility than ever when it comes to meeting customers in the correct place, and this freedom has led to very interesting brand-to-consumer relations. One brand with a unique business model is Warby Parker, a popular online retailer for prescription glasses and other kinds of eyewear. Learn more about Warby Parker‘s brand strategy […]

Optimizing Virtual Sales Campaigns Requires Maximum Effort

Even if your brand is primarily focused on an optimizing its brick-and-mortar locations, there is still high value in investing resources into a digital strategy. Customers prefer to interact with brands online before going into a store, and as technology progresses, more actual purchases are being completed via online devices. However, getting the most out of […]

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