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mystery shopping and customer experience insights

Looking to ensure you’re creating consistent, intentional and authentic customer experiences to drive business performance?

Welcome to your secret advantage and a partner ready to help you exceed mission-critical goals in order to grow market share, remain relevant and be ready for what’s next.

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Unlock your brand’s customer experience potential.

We believe delivering customer experiences carefully designed and thoughtfully executed – while aligned to your standards and brand promise – can be your company’s greatest asset – and dominant competitive advantage.

We’re ready to help you in realizing your potential,  in standing out from the pack and in winning through customer joy.

A 360-View for Spot-On CX Success

Our solutions gather and distill the insights you need to truly understand your customers and transform their brand experience.

Mystery shopping services

Learn how customers experience your brand through detailed, unbiased insights of your brand’s on-site, online, and digital experiences.

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Customer & employee
experience surveys

We design custom surveys to help you identify opportunities to build trust and create meaningful experiences for your customers and employees.

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Customer experience
consultation & strategy

Uncover opportunities to enhance your customer experience through market research, CX strategy assessment, and journey mapping.

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CX analytics & performance

Our analytics portal delivers powerful insights and real-time customer feedback in one place.

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Brand research &
reputation monitoring

Capture what your audience is saying about your brand across social media and manage your digital presence.

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Curated customer

We curate relevant and specific audiences to get the full picture of your brand experience.

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Improving customer experiences for over 35 years

Our agile and omnichannel mystery shopping solutions, coupled with bespoke customer and employee experience survey tools have supported exceptional brands the likes of USAA, Patagonia, Starbucks and Bose in elevating business performance to their competitive advantage. We’d love to do the same for you.

Arm Your Brand with an Unfair Advantage

According to a Gartner study, 91% of companies believe they are effectively competing on customer experience while only 9% of consumers believe their needs are being met.

A differentiated customer experience can have a profound impact in growing your market share and outmaneuvering the competition. Learn how to create a CX framework that fosters relationships, builds trust, and creates brand loyalty.

The Journey to Joy: Embracing a Human-Centered Customer Experience Framework

6-Part Framework for Creating a Human-Centered Customer Experiences.

Your customers expect more.
This guide will show you how to intentionally position your brand to deliver joy.

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Collaborative Conversation
You talk. We listen. And together we collaborate on a custom roadmap for helping you unlock your brand’s customer experience potential.


Create a Custom Plan
We design a customer experience plan based on your company’s exact needs and pain points, whether that means creating a fresh solution or evolving a legacy program.


Hello, Customer Joy
We’re there to launch your agile solution, execute performance measures, iterate and help you grow every step of the way.

Ready for CX transformation?

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The Journey to Joy
Embracing a human-centered customer experience framework for strategic advantage.
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The Journey to Joy
Embracing a human-centered customer experience framework for strategic advantage.
download today >