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Gaining more five-star experiences for the world’s most famous coffeehouse.

Starbucks needed a partner to administer a high-end, comprehensive customer evaluation program that would measure and compare the Starbucks customer experience standard for 6,000 locations quarterly.

After working with several different companies that failed to meet various requirements, they looked for a leader within the customer experience industry.

Because it was critical for transition to the new program be transparent to the field, we implemented our mystery shopping expertise to measure how stores were delivering against their customer experience goal of providing five-star, legendary service with each interaction.

Mystery Shopping:
Measure the Starbucks customer experience in coffeehouses.

Analytics and Reporting:
Custom reporting and data analytics solutions, such as key drivers, customer experience mapping, and sales linkage analysis in Second To None’s robust cloud-based console.

Brand Experience Strategy and Design:
Second To None aligned Starbucks’ brand strategy to the customer experience with the evaluation program. The questionnaire focused on Starbucks’ value to each customer interaction.

Using the data we provided to tweak operations, Starbucks achieved a large and significant improvement in speed of service. Additionally, year-over-year revenue increased 12-16% at stores that moved from “good” to “exceptional” status.

The program has become an integral part of the Starbucks “green apron” program, and over 500,000 evaluations were delivered and analyzed. These evaluations revealed a set of best practices that, if delivered, yielded a dramatic impact on performance, including process improvements and production area layout changes.