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Evaluating a unique financial environment to create a standard of excellence.

In seeking to grow a new key customer base, Citibank marketed credit card products across college campuses. We designed a program to provide a better understanding of how well the brand was being positioned to this demographic and measure customer satisfaction among those who completed a Citi-branded card application.

To ensure accuracy, we made sure each event was set up and staffed according to plan — and that all representatives were providing all required documentation to card applicants. We also only provided giveaway items to applicants who were accepted as cardholders.

Representative marketing techniques, customer rapport building, and knowledge of Citi card product and benefits were evaluated.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement:
Measure the Citibank customer experience on college campuses.

Actionable Analytics:
Custom reporting and data analytics solutions, such as key drivers, customer experience mapping, and sales linkage analysis.

Real-Time Reporting:
Citibank used Second To None’s robust cloud-based console to access data, reports, and priorities in real time, allowing managers and associates on the front line to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty and drive revenue.

Second To None survey data is utilized extensively by Citi in their customer service training. In real time, this data tracks retention and customer satisfaction levels with a rewards system for exemplary employee performance, driving card representative performance and ensuring brand excellence.