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Amy Loy

Client Service Manager

Amy joined the team initially in 2004 as an Editor/Proofreader. She had just earned a degree in journalism and was looking for a position that would allow her to investigate real-life scenarios in a purposeful way.

“My education was consumed by hard news in particular, so ensuring accuracy in mystery shopping programs was a fitting transition,” she explains. “My previous jobs had all been in retail and service, so the particular position was a perfect way for me to pull from my background as well.”

Over the years, Amy has filled many roles at Second To None. She worked on the operational side of the business for 14 years and now works directly with our clients to design and launch their unique programs. After gaining a solid understanding of customer-experience goals, Amy works with our Operations team and our clients to develop a successful plan. She then monitors progress throughout the life of the project.

The most rewarding part of the job for Amy is being part of the discovery of a brand’s customer experience — and helping it evolve. She appreciates that there are always surprises and new things to be learned throughout every project.

“Watching our partners act on the data we provide and pivot when needed to stay relevant, and, simply, do better, is what makes a job well done. Being a part of that in any way is something to be proud of,” she says.