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Respect the Customer to encourage Customer Loyalty

When designing a Customer Experience platform, it is important to focus on retaining existing customers in tandem with programs to attract new customers. Customer loyalty can be a huge difference maker for brands across all industries, and by encouraging these long-term customer relationships, your brand can learn more about and better serve these groups. Respect is […]

5 Methods for your Employees to Improve Customer Interactions

  Having an optimized Customer Experience means that your customers are receiving consistent, positive and valuable service across all customer touch points. One of the most important interaction areas is the register, or point of sale. This is the exclamation point of your brand’s Customer Experience because it is the opportunity to hear directly from your customers while […]

Customer Support is the Main Cog of a Great Customer Experience

In order to provide an industry-leading customer service, your employees must be willing to provide much more than they traditionally have had to in the past. Rather than just replying to customer requests, a brand with a great Customer Experience is available and ready to provide this service in every facet of the customer interaction process. […]

7 Characteristics of Great Mystery Shoppers

When creating a mystery shopping initiative, a lot of different factors can determine the success of the program. However, none are more important than the actual people that become your brand’s mystery shoppers. Brands rely on mystery shoppers to provide actionable information that can then be used to create impactful changes within a Customer Experience platform. The following […]

How Can your Brand Understand Good Service Culture?

When curating an industry-leading Customer Experience initiative, it is important that you have defined parameters for specific areas to focus on. Understanding what your customers consider “good service” can assist your brand in applying these desires to your employee training. Customer service is just one aspect of the overall Customer Experience, but it can make a huge […]

Understanding Millennial Shoppers can Unlock Key Insights

Millennials have more purchasing power than ever before. As a result it is important that your brand is catering your Customer Experience to the preferences of this customer segment. Understanding what millennials desire and being able to deliver that value can open up an influx of new customers to your brand. The following list was […]

Perfecting your Omnichannel CX can Greatly Improve your Retail Brand

We’ve all been in this situation before: trying that new product out in-store, not exactly sure whether or not you are ready to pull the trigger and make the purchase. In the past, this decision was limited within the in-store experience because that is where all the relevant information was available. But as technology has […]

How your In-Store Experience can Attract this New Demographic

Just as the millennial customer group has garnered a relatively large amount of purchasing power, Generation Z is another group that is trending upwards. Generation Z consists of anyone born after 1996, and are just now seriously entering the consumer space. Brands in the retail space need to be aware of the interests in this group in […]

Patient Satisfaction: Do you have the right prescription for success?

Odd as it sounds, doctor visits can be viewed as a customer interaction just like any other. This can be unnerving to some, as our health is more important than a cup of coffee, a new phone, or even our car. But to build and run a successful practice or clinic, that mindset is exactly […]

2017 Customer Experience Trends to Watch For

Creating an industry-leading Customer Experience means that your brand must have its ear to the streets to the trends regarding customer desire. As technology, interests and availability are constantly changing, so too does customer preference and opinion. Forrester released these trends, which basically conclude that people will start paying attention to Customer Experience much more than they […]