Custom Research

Quantitative and Qualitative research solutions to meet your key objectives.

Second To None has the tools, technology and know-how to assist clients both in understanding their customers and in positioning their brand.

Consumer Brand Research

The best made decisions are informed decisions. Brand research can serve as a helpful or decisive aid in strategy decisions, determining the current consumers’ mindset and setting a baseline to improve upon.  In the consumer/brand research sphere there are a number of research methodologies we employ to ensure you leverage the greatest value:

Satisfaction and Loyalty Insights, Consumer Awareness and Perception, Segmentation, Ad Tracking, Panel Research, Intercepts, Interviews and Focus Groups.

Business to Business Research

B2B research can serve as a helpful aid in strategy decisions. We recognize Business-to-Business research needs are unique across industries, and apply a thoughtful methodology to discovering, designing and implementing the most appropriate solution.  B2B research insights and outcomes can serve as a key driver in helping organizations increase client sales and improve supplier relations.

Obsessive Focus on Data Integrity

We employ multi-method fraud prevention techniques, including validation codes, duplicate participant detection algorithms, minimum survey completion time standards, random response traps and response pattern analysis.  Taken together, these techniques virtually eliminate the risk of careless, malicious and fraudulent survey activity on behalf of customers and employees/associates.

Unlimited Responses

Second To None provides for an unlimited number of survey respondents/responses, while utilizing a combination of both random and targeted sampling methodologies to ensure that your Voice of Customer data is representative of your entire customer base.

Integrated Program Design

We design and customize your surveys, data collection and invitation methods, and participation incentives around your customer lens (how the customer views and interacts with you), while being mindful of the direct linkages back to your organizational lens (how you view and interact with your customers) to ensure the resulting business intelligence is both relevant and actionable to your stakeholders in the field.

Modular Surveys

We develop our custom research programs utilizing modular survey applications that provide:

1) A listening post surrounding the voice of your target customer;

2) Flexible and dynamic add-on modules through which shorter-term or emerging business questions can be quickly assessed and acted upon.

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