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Customer Intercept Interviews

Competitive Benchmarking

Do you know what your customer is thinking?

When formulating your Customer Experience strategy, it is important to consider all potential factors that impact the final Customer Experience. One effective way to learn about what the average customer in your industry wants is through Customer Intercept Interviews. This practice of impromptu interviews of your competitor’s customers can be a valuable source of information because you get relatively unfiltered opinions from customers that you know are interested in your industry. Customer Intercept Interviews can serve as a valuable resource in optimizing the way that your brand works towards creating an industry-leading Customer Experience.

Second To None is in the position to help your brand complete these Customer Intercept Interviews because of our extensive knowledge of the Customer Experience industry, as well as our vast supply of resources. We have a network of over 400,000 independent contractors across the country that are ready to complete these kinds of assignments, mixed in with our team of experts, who are dedicated to providing our clients with simple, clear and actionable advice. After nearly 30 years of working in this industry, we have the ability to read and recognize trends, and relay this information in a way that makes it easy for our clients to conceptualize and implement.

An optimally designed and managed Customer Intercept Interview program will result in:

  • Better understanding of customer wants and needs
  • More knowledge about the Customer Experience capabilities of your competitors
  • Outside-in look at the way customers perceive Customer Experience in your industry
  • Advanced understanding of what leads customers to make purchasing decisions

Customer Intercept Interview pressing brand questions:

What leads customers to make the decision to purchase?

What are we doing to support long-term customer relationships?

How are we interacting with our customers after they complete a purchase?

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