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Design A Mobile Customer Experience to Match User Expectations

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According to a Mobile Customer Experience Report recently published by Gemalto, user expectations for mobile technology is on a surge. Consumers expect a lot from the supercomputers we all keep inside our pockets, and in the near future brands are going to have to deliver even more. Functionality across different industries is going to be considered standard, so it is vital that organizations are planning to be able to provide this desired value. Learn more by reading the following piece, written by Alex Scroxton for You can access the piece by clicking here, or by reading below:

This piece was originally published by Computer Weekly on May 25, 2017.

“Consumers have extremely high expectations for rapid mobile development in the coming years, according to a Gemalto report.

By the year 2025, just under half (48%) of consumers expect to use their smartphone as their primary form of ID, and almost two-thirds (60%) anticipate being able to use their devices to exercise full autonomous control over their homes, according to a report commissioned for mobile and digital security solutions supplier Gemalto.

The firm had researchers survey thousands of consumers in Brazil, China, France, Germany, the UK and the US to compile its Mobile Customer Experience report, which provides some insight into just how high expectations are when it comes to future development and innovation around mobility.

Besides optimism around the use of mobile devices to control heating, lighting, windows and home entertainment, and biometrics to securely access online services, confirm transactions, sign documents, and possibly even serve as a national passport, Gemalto found 45% of consumers anticipated being able to use a smartphone to pay for anything, anywhere, and 29% believed physical bank branches would become irrelevant to them.

“In many ways, our lives have become a ‘mobile experience’ and the research shows that mobile expectations will only grow in ambition, complexity and diversity in the years leading up to 2025,” said Remi de Fouchier, Gemalto VP of marketing for mobile services and the internet of things (IoT).

“The next round of innovations in the mobile world – from integration with IoT devices to using smartphones as ID – will be key to how all industry stakeholders shape the future of mobile customer experience management.”

Users also seemed to have extremely overinflated expectations when it came to smartphone specifications and other technological details. Exactly 50% estimated that speeds of 100Gbps would be normal by 2025 – a massive leap beyond what current industry thinking suggests will be possible even on state-of-the-art 5G networks.

But this may not be a worry for much longer, said Gemalto, because improved network slicing technology and the advent of software-defined networking (SDN) allows autonomous networks to be designed around use cases, adapting their characteristics to suit video downloads as opposed to basic email, for example.

The survey also suggested that attitudes towards the protection of personal data from mobile devices were becoming more lax, with many respondents saying they were open to sharing data as long as they could get tangible benefits, such as targeted deals or advice based on their location, or even discounts on their bill.

Users also expected to engage with their mobile operators through new channels, with 34% believing on-demand artificial intelligence (AI) would soon become a possibility, 33% expecting a “highly personalised” service from their operator, and 28% already regarding their operator as a digital personal assistant.

“As the industry continues on the path towards the future, mobile network operators, OEMs, governments, and service and hardware providers will need to collaborate closely to meet customer expectations without compromising convenience or jeopardising privacy and security,” said de Fouchier.”


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