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Ethos: 7 Guiding Values for These Times

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Today, we seek clarity, humanity, and equanimity more than ever.

Through these challenging events, the power remains within us in choosing how we respond. By going within ourselves, we can access powerful, enduring truths, which can help us navigate through these times.

Reflecting through our past three decades of work, Second To None has identified a set of values which have shaped our purpose, our work, and have informed our decisions — known as Ethos. These values possess the ability to add depth to one’s life; and be personally and organizationally transformative.

Here are 7 guiding values from Ethos, which can hopefully inspire you to live with enhanced clarity.

1. Authenticity


Perhaps one of our greatest difficulties in life is the ability to live authentically. We now have the power to frame our own narratives through our digital screens. We are bombarded with a ceaseless stream of information at our fingertips. It’s easy to hide behind our screens and from our true selves.

Choosing to live authentically gives us the freedom to override these feelings of fear and insecurity. Living authentically means that we invest in what bring us joy, and in result we can accurately project ourselves out into the world.


2. Flow

There is a natural rhythm to the universe which surrounds us. This rhythm is known as flow. Flow allows us to create our lives through intention. By “going with the flow” we become less attached to the fruits of our labor, and more synergized with our work at hand.

However, being in a state of flow does not imply passiveness and a non-aggressive attitude toward our work. It implies a heightened awareness and ability to accept the energy which surrounds us. Through flow, we are open to new avenues of creation.


3. Trust

It is difficult to trust one another through endless wars and deepening societal issues. There is also the notion that we must take responsibility in life for our actions through active conscious work. Beyond the scope of our work, some things are beyond our control. We must learn to let go.

By feeling equanimity through our daily lives, we can develop a greater admiration for life. You may have heard the saying “Everything in life happens for a reason.” We must accept this truth and allow the wonders of life to unfold for us.


4. Reciprocity

Our thoughts are the seeds which reap our actions, character, and ultimately our destiny. We must consciously create positive thoughts which enhance our self image, and in which see others in good light. Through our actions and desires, we must continue to spread these positive beliefs.

There is a simple, time-honored concept you’re likely familiar with: the Golden Rule. This states to “Do onto others as we would have them do unto us.” By following this rule, we can ensure we don’t fall out of alignment in our actions and desires. By treating others with the same kindness we hope to receive, we become a spark of change.


5. Potential

We all unique. Each one of us possesses a creative potential that only can be realized by ourselves. A barrier to ourselves bringing our gifts into existence is fear. Fear of uncertainty. Fear of rejection by others. We doubt our abilities and become powerless.

By bringing our gifts into existence, we show that we are accepting of who we are. Personal power is brought by revealing our gifts to the world. By expressing our potential, we can fill voids in others’ lives and inspire them to find meaning.


6. Empowerment

Having faith in our employees has allowed our organization to reach new heights. We believe in empowering our employees to co-create their environments. We breed the best version of our working environments by trusting one another.

Through this collaboration, individuals can feel greater responsibility in contributing to the success of their organization. In result, organizations can enhance their visions and impact.


7. Relationship

Having long-lasting relationships has breathed the success of our organization. Through intimate relationships, we have been able to attract the best talent and set of clients across our industry. Work relationships are not always steady and challenges will at times surface. Yet through all the varying dynamics that come with working together, we have been able to continue to nurture our relationships in healthy ways.

The best relationships support one another no matter their differences. At Second To None, we create purposeful relationships with each other and our families based on mutual acceptance. We know we will be there for each other throughout our unique journeys.


We have acquired wisdom from our three decades of helping organizations design and deliver customer joy. Second To None believes that these values can help those who are seeking more clarity in their professional and personal lives. We are honored to share our Ethos with you:

Download your free copy of the Ethos ebook here.

Each individual is a reflection of the surrounding universe. As we grow as individuals, so then can our companies and communities thrive.