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Find a Vendor That Provides Insights On Top Of Data Collection

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Collecting data on a consistent basis is a key step of providing an excellent experience to your customers. However, this data will be rendered useless if there is not a streamlined system that allows your team members to easily access, analyze and act-on this information. Finding conclusive action priorities from the massive pile of data you have collected is a challenging and complex process, and ideally you are working with a vendor that possesses the knowledge to filter through this information and find key drivers for positive change. Many vendors will offer programs at a comparatively low price but are then unwilling to work with brands like yours to help utilize the data that has been gathered. This approach can wind up wasting the time of your employees and have a damaging impact on your organization’s bottom line. Thus, it is essential that you are working with a vendor that sticks with your team after the data has been collected, helping to find the underlying story behind the information.

The same way that your organization strives to provide service throughout the customer journey, so too should the vendors that your organization partners with. It is common for vendors to offer programs like mystery shopping or voice of customer survey collection at a relatively low rate, but like in any industry, you get what you pay for. Ultimately, this cost-cutting will lead to a lower level of data integrity and security while laying the majority of the analytical responsibility on your team. To ensure that data you collect will wind up being used in a practical and efficient manner, invest more capital up front in a vendor that has the capacity to collect and ensure high quality information, as well as providing insights to help your team determine the appropriate conclusions. In the end, this will be better for your brand’s bottom line because your team will be more equipped to provide a level of service that encourages long-term customer retention, lessening the need to invest more dollars into acquisition costs.

There are a few different ways that a vendor can provide assistance during the analytics phase of a research program. Firstly, there needs to be an easily accessible and functionable reporting portal for all relevant team members to learn and share the information. This is important because it streamlines the process into one universal database, helping your team to easily discover and disperse the key insights within the data. For instance, Second To None’s proprietary reporting tool, Catapult, allows our clients to set up multiple reports at whatever schedule they prefer, and to easily share it within their organization in several different formats. Secondly, the vendor you work with should have a designated Client Services Director dedicated to helping your specific organization. This is the individual responsible for adjusting the program as it evolves and helping ease the communication processes between the two parties. Second To None has a team of experts with 10+ years of experience respectively dedicated to helping your brand reach benchmarks every day. The third approach you should look for in a vendor is an analytical department. Second To None has an analytics program that works in tandem with clients and the CSDs to ensure that you are equipped with key driver analysis to effectively act-on the data provided.

Customer Experience research can have a potentially massive effect on the growth of your brand. The information provided can help your team better understand the value your target customers desire. Ultimately, there are many vendors out there that can help you capture information, but the best programs offer incentives beyond data collection. Find a vendor that makes reporting simple and provides key analytical insights to help your brand consistently improve and retain an excellent experience.

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