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High Employee Satisfaction Leads To High Customer Satisfaction

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The difference between an actively engaged employee and someone just waiting for their shift to be over is obvious to every customer. Even if an employee is following all the basic rules outlined by management, if they are not noticeably engaged during interactions with customers, there will be an apparent disconnect between the brand identity pictured by leadership and the reality on the frontlines. To encourage the necessary level of engagement among employees, brands need to figure out ways to increase employee satisfaction, which can be accomplished through many different approaches. The key for any individual organization is to not only follow industry trends and standards for providing a great working atmosphere, but to also hear directly from the voice of their employees.

Once data has been collected regarding the value that employees are hoping to gain from the company they work for, organizations will find that once they provide this value, it will directly impact brand perception and customer satisfaction. One of the key touchpoints to reach this level of employee satisfaction is the relationship between a manager and the people who work below them. According to Gallup, half of American workers have left their job to get away from their manager, so instead of losing out on talent, make sure that leadership throughout different levels of your brand are performing based on an established set of standards. Organizations that focus on confirming that managers remain engaged will see a trickle-down effect that will eventually impact the way that customers feel about a brand.

Beyond management, a factor that undoubtedly plays a huge role in employee satisfaction is compensation. Whether it is a legitimate salary or other kinds of benefits, employees are trading their labor for something of value, and employers must not make the mistake of thinking that employees will be satisfactorily engaged without providing the proper incentives. If high salary is not an option, proper benefits are another way for organizations to encourage top-of-the-line employee satisfaction. Glassdoor reports that 79% of employees would rather receive enhanced benefits to additional salary, meaning organizations with the resources to provide this increase can immediately improve the satisfaction levels of their employees by granting employees more PTO hours, increased 401k match, or other kinds of benefits.

In addition to making employees happy, employee satisfaction is important for an organization because it can directly impact customer satisfaction, thus increasing profitability. Specifically, the Workplace Research Foundation measured the impact of employee engagement programs to be an increase of $2,400 in profit per employee per year. This staggering number illustrates what has been the common sense of industry leaders for years. Business transactions are not completed by products, they are completed by people, so investing resources into people will yield beneficial results for the organization.  

Employee satisfaction is often difficult to measure. But those brands that can create honest and open channels of communication between employees and leadership will find that the value of creating this level of satisfaction will lead to a better performing company overall. A good first step for brands to uncover what can influence this satisfaction is to conduct Voice of Customer surveys, which basically ask employees to determine whether they would recommend the workplace to family or friends, on a scale of 0-10. If there is a litany of answers below 7, then there is a problem in the workplace that needs a solution. A brand will be unable to find success without satisfied customers, which become much easier to obtain with highly engaged and satisfied employees.

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