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Integrating Feedback Surveys into your Brand’s Customer Centric Measures

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In the current business climate, your brand needs to be able to make a long-lasting connection with its customers in order to become a leader within your industry. That means not only providing the best possible price, service and other base-level Customer Experience measures, but also having the ability to impact your customer in a way that he or she feels as though they are receiving real, intrinsic value before, during and after the actual purchase. However, it can often be challenging to figure out exactly how to create and deliver this value. Some brands focus on creating the best aesthetic in their brick-and-mortar location while others focus on optimizing ease of use for their website. Ultimately, your brand needs to adjust its customer centric measures to match the individual customer base you serve. The first step in accomplishing this goal is establishing ways to hear feedback directly from the voice of the customer. One of the best ways to do this is by integrating feedback surveys into your brand’s customer centric measures.

Feedback surveys are an integral tool used to establish your brand’s Customer Experience. Without being able to actually hear from the people your brand serves, every action is at risk of missing your target by providing the wrong value. In pretty much every aspect that goes into running a business, this undirected approach will set your brand up for failure, and this is especially true when creating a platform for Customer Experience. Surveys are an especially useful tool, compared to something like a general suggestions box or customer service call center, because you get to decide what kinds of questions are presented to the customer. Another challenge can be establishing the infrastructure for disseminating these surveys to your customers. Anyone who has run a survey campaign can tell you that most people will not take the time out of their day to complete a survey, and most that do start do not necessarily answer every question from start to finish. That is why it is important to make surveys as convenient as possible for your customer, meaning the survey should exist on a well-groomed website, the questions should be simple and not too in-depth, and even offer incentives for those who wind up completing the entire survey. While there are inherently biases and other factors that may affect the data, this opportunity to hear from a large number of customers can greatly alter the knowledge base you use to create your brand’s Customer Experience.

A major step of creating feedback surveys for your brand’s customer centric measures is figuring out why and where you need to focus the survey questions. This will be different for each individual brand, but the most common approach is trying to figure out why an aspect of your brand’s customer service isn’t working properly. Again, each individual survey question should be testing a specific hypothesis, and it should not require the customer to spend more than 5-10 minutes to fill out. While this can limit the kind of info you are obtaining, it will encourage more people to complete the survey, and the more people that do so will improve the quality of the data you collect. Surveys allow you to pinpoint the information you receive, and once all of the necessary answers have been delivered the next step is figuring out how to make sense of the data.

This can be challenging for a number of brands who do not have the size or ability to hire their own survey distribution and analytics team. This is exactly where Second To None comes into play. We have been working on creating, distributing, analyzing and reporting feedback survey campaigns for 30 years, and have seen success throughout many different industries and business climates. Our team works completely in-house, in order to guarantee that your brand is delivered clear, measurable, and actionable results that will then turn into a better net experience for your customers. We strive ourselves in our quick turnaround process, and work diligently to ensure that your brand is getting valuable information quickly. Voice of customer feedback surveys can play an integral role in forming your brand’s Customer Experience because it allows you to gain a unique perspective of your brand’s capabilities.


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