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Patient Experience as a Driving Factor for your Healthcare Brand

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While it may seem out of place, often some of the worst customer service comes from healthcare brands. While customer service and experience has taken over virtually every other industry, it is still lacking for many healthcare providers like insurance providers, health and wellness centers, physical therapy outlets and private practices. Because of this, your healthcare brand has the opportunity to burst ahead of its competitors and become an industry leader, all by making simple and thoughtful efforts to improve the Patient Experience.

Some of the more obvious objectives that can be completed in this strive towards better customer experience are things like improving the aesthetic of a waiting room and giving patients more opportunities to provide their opinions about Patient Experience. Additionally, improving the efficiency of scheduling appointments, as well as checking in, can both lead to better efficiency and less waiting for your patients. For the healthcare providers, this improvement should take form in the improvement of call-center performance, as well as creating an environment for clear and informative dialogue between potential customers and employees. By accomplishing these tasks, you can position your healthcare brand to attract more new customers through word-of-mouth, as well as establish and maintain high customer retention rates because patients will be satisfied when they walk out the door. Providers form a relationship with their customer that is unlike any other industry, because it goes beyond just a monetary exchange. And while there may be less options for the customers compared to other industries like retail or restaurants, Patient Experience can be an integral factor in vaulting your brand ahead of your competition. Patients and the providers they work with build relationships that last for years and sometimes decades, but in order to ensure this is the case, healthcare brands need to be able to hear, understand, and act upon the preferences of their patients.

These measurable actions can be difficult to actually implement. A lot of the time, brands foolishly act to improve the Patient Experience without making any efforts to hear from the voice of the customer first. Employing mystery shopping programs, as well as voice of customer surveys, are key ways that healthcare brands can make sure that the steps they take to improve Patient Experience are done so with a return of investment in mind. A mystery shopping program can optimize the daily routine of your healthcare provider because it allows you to see how everything is being run from an operational perspective. Mystery shoppers can become a valuable commodity in the effort to create a better experience for your patients because it allows you as an organization to pinpoint on which areas are running effectively, and which areas leave room for improvement.

Second To None has decades of experience working with healthcare brands, and we are securely positioned to provide your healthcare provider with the data and analytics needed to improve Patient Experience. We have a vast library of mystery shoppers across the United States and Canada, as well as the ability to cater specific demographics that you are trying to gain insights. In addition, our in-house team will complete all the client services, quality assurance and data analytics, to make sure that your healthcare brand is receiving exactly the kind of personalized attention needed to create the best possible Patient Experience.


Second To None empowers customer-centric brands to deliver consistent, intentional and authentic consumer experiences.

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