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Preventing Voice of Customer Survey Fatigue

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One of the most effective ways brands can hear from the voice of their customer is by creating and distributing surveys. While this method may have some inherent drawbacks, overall it can serve as an effective way of reaching many. However, as surveys have become more popular, customers have become less engaged with the survey process. Because of interactions online via social media, we are more connected with the brands we purchase from than ever before, whether that is online, in-store or over the phone. Thus, customers have acquired customer survey fatigue, meaning basically that these surveys become quickly relegated to the junk folder of their inbox or thrown right in the trash. While it is true that surveys are on a downward trend in regards to popularity and engagement, they can still be extremely useful tools for improving the customer experience within your brand. The following are some practices that your brand can employ that will help prevent voice of customer survey fatigue, and lead to a better Customer Experience for your brand.

Firstly, you have to figure out which platform that your target customers spend the most time on. In order to get customers to fill out your survey, it has to be convenient for their schedule, therefore knowing if they spend most of their time surfing the internet on a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device is essential to figuring out how to form your customer feedback survey campaign. While there is still a large population that do most of their activity on the internet on laptops and tablet, we are moving towards a world in which the average customer uses the internet almost exclusively on their mobile device. Currently, over 75% of the population own a smartphone, so optimizing your surveys for mobile devices is the best bet to providing convenience to your brand’s customers. Optimizing surveys for mobile devices means that you make sure the hosting browser you use is suited to be read on a mobile device, as well as making sure that each question does not require too long of a response. The average attention span for Americans is lower than it has ever been, so preparing questions that require a long response is a formula for failure.

The next big step that your brand can take in regards to preventing voice of customer survey fatigue is making sure that the survey itself does not take more than five minutes. While this may diminish the amount of information you will receive, it is more important to create a more directed survey that takes up less of people’s time and provides specific and quality information. People are constantly bombarded with survey requests from brands, colleagues, friends and everyone else on their social feed, so providing convenience via shorter surveys and potential incentives will catapult your brand’s survey to the top of the list.

Once your brand has figured out who their target customer is, the next step is figuring out what this customer wants. Voice of customer surveys are very effective ways of finding out this information, but in the modern climate it can be difficult to achieve measurable and significant results. People are more willing to send a tweet than complete a survey, so your brand needs to show that they are making an effort to tailor this process and make it as easy as possible for the customer. After these measures have been taken, your brand will experience a leap in survey completion results, and therefore gain more insight as to how it can improve the overall Customer Experience.


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