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Sales Compliance Audits

Compliance Audit

Protect Brand Equity, Mitigate Risk and Drive Business Performance

Sales compliance audits can serve as a powerful organizational tool. Highly quantitative, detailed and granular performance data, gleaned from both observation and direct interaction, often provide transformative insights related to individual and overall brand sales-related initiatives.

Second To None’s Sales Compliance solutions can help you continuously and accurately understand how well your organization adheres to defined sales processes, regulatory standards, associate behavior, professionalism, knowledge, and customer interactions. Our compliance auditors are deployed to complete their reports in a fully anonymous manner, or depending on the program requirements, may reveal/identify themselves at some point during the evaluation.

An optimally designed and managed Sales Compliance Audit program can support a cross-section of internal stakeholders in ensuring consistent adherence to brand standards:

  • Operations
  • Sales & Training
  • Legal
  • Training
  • Human Resources
  • Information Systems

Applications of sales compliance audits:

Retail Banking: personal loan, small business services, investment, trust and mortgage products
Automotive: new vehicle knowledge and sales, service, vehicle test drives
Consumer electronics and wireless plans: product comparisons and plan knowledge
Insurance: business, home, auto and life insurance, healthplan products
Luxury Retail: product knowledge, brand comparisons, price negotiation

Sales Compliance Audits answer pressing brand questions:
Do our sales associates correctly follow prescribed sales strategy and techniques?
Are we establishing a natural, authentic rapport with our customers?
Is product and pricing knowledge evident and accurate?
Do we share inaccurate information or make potentially liable statements?
Are consumers in any way pressured or mislead into making a purchase decision?
Compliance audits can be enhanced in richness through optional use and gathering of video, audio and/or photographic images to supplement the detailed written reports.

Our robust analytics and reporting services deliver clear, fact-based sales compliance insights to the right people at the right time, enabling you to focus with pinpoint accuracy on the most important action planning and priorities, at every level of your organization.