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The Powerful Impact of a Great Social Media Reputation

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Creating a lasting impression in the minds of your target customers can be a daunting task for brands across different industries. The ubiquitous nature of the internet has led to more competition for consumer attention than ever before, making it essential that your brand is crafting an intentional digital identity to use in tandem with your existing in-store reputation. Creating an online experience that pushes customers further along their path-to-purchase can be a differentiator between growth and stagnation. Ultimately, your brand needs to position itself as a consistently positive presence in their patrons’ lives?

Social media can serve as a foundational tool to establishing your organization’s online reputation, because it is a direct form of communication with your consumers. If your brand is not actively updating its accounts and connecting with fans via these social platforms, it is likely that your target customer has already established a relationship like this with one of your competitors. The average American is logged onto one of their social media accounts for just over two hours a day, making it a virtually omnipresent opportunity to stay fixated in the minds of these customers. While we do not know how societal social media behavior will evolve, it is vital that your team is capitalizing on the extended amount of time that users spend on social media as a method to ensure your brand reputation remains consistently positive.

There are two main types of interactions that need to be managed to curate a social media brand reputation that maintains a positive impact on your overall digital reputation. Firstly, brands need to provide adequate value and service to their existing fans and followers. Segmenting your customer support training to adjust to the different channels they interact with customers is a good first step to establishing this value. Ultimately, your team should quickly respond to as much customer feedback, positive or negative, that is posted directly to or about your organizational accounts. In doing so, you are proving to these different communities that their voices are being heard, and each comment or concern that your team addresses contributes to the overall reputation your team is trying to establish.

The second interaction on social media that can impact your brand perception is with new consumers. There are 11 new people that start using social media every second, totaling about one million new users every year. This staggering statistic should be enough to convince leadership in your organization that investing in reaching customers via social media is a surefire way to connect with a massive population. There are a few different approaches to reaching these new audiences. Similar to other digital channels, brands will typically use a paid advertisement approach on top of an organic campaign, with 93% of businesses expected to increase their social ad spend in 2018. Whether it is a brand awareness campaign, product roll-out or information blast, many social media platforms grant your marketing team the ability to selectively granulize and target the unique demographics of your target customer. Ultimately these paid practices can help initiate the online interactions that your organization will have with customers, helping to get your foot in the door of your customers’ attention.

Depending on the industry you encompass, your organizational social strategy will differ. The typical American consumer will use three out of eight of the major social media platforms, making it important that you understand which of these websites your target audience is congregating and focus your time and investments into those categories. Creating a social media presence that keeps your brand at the top of your consumer’s mind is essential to establishing relationships in the modern landscape and can ultimately help your team retain positive relationships with existing patrons and funnel a large number of new customers into your brand’s purview.


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