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The Value of OmniChannel Customer Experiences For Fast-Casual Restaurants

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In the past, to have a leading Customer Experience platform in the fast-casual restaurant industry, employees needed to be able to deliver your brand message via great service in every individual interaction. The majority of this responsibility used to fall on the shoulders of frontline employees, or those who have a direct-relationship with the customer, whether that is in the role as a server or at the point of sale. However, with the amalgamation of so many different genres or styles of fast-casual foods and customer-facing technologies, the responsibility of retaining a leading Customer Experience is now much broader.

Firstly, your online brand reputation plays a huge role in establishing high-performance customer acquisition and retention capabilities. If your brand is not already monitoring customer reviews on popular websites like Yelp and other social media, then it is at risk of losing out on a huge population of potential customers. Most consumers will scour through online reviews before making a decision on where they will eat, and if there is a litany of negative reviews about your brand, then it could be sending this population directly to your competitors.

Additionally, brands that have a higher portion of positive reviews will not only be able to better attract customers, but they will also be given a better online search-engine ranking. This is important because online behavior typically does not co-exist with high attention-spans, meaning if your brand is not on the first page of search results, it is most likely not funneling customers into your store. Monitoring the web for negative feedback, and then responding to those that do post harmful reviews, can help your brand produce this desired consistency across different platforms.

Beyond optimizing online customer interactions to provide a great digital experience, the most important aspect of providing this level of value is the quality of the product you serve, and the individuals who dictate the interaction. While it is extremely important to be aware of how your brand identity is performing on digital, ultimately your employees will dictate how satisfied each customer is after interacting with your brand. The best brands invest both time and energy into both their online and brick-and-mortar channels, so that regardless of where or how a customer finds you, they are provided with a consistent experience that requires as little effort as possible.

Ultimately, creating an excellent omnichannel experience is a difficult but rewarding task for brands in any industry. However, fast-casual brands are in a unique opportunity to benefit from this level of omnichannel success because of the inherent loyalty involved with their customer relationships. While people are interested in trying new things, there is a tendency to stick with the same handful of restaurants that they know will provide a great experience. Whether your customers have found you online, walked in to one of your locations or have placed an order on the phone, your employees should strive to end each interaction the same way, with a satisfied customer itching to come back and bring their friends and family to your brand.

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