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Utilize Mystery Shoppers Before Problems Occur, Rather Than In Reaction To Them

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Too often we see brands scrambling to bounce back from public relations or Customer Experience disasters, without any apparent solution in sight. What used to be individual examples of poor service now have the potential to instantly become viral, resulting in sometimes irreparable damage to a brand’s reputation. Articles are published across the web scathing leadership, many providing insights into what exactly these brands could have done to prevent or resolve these major issues. Recently we have seen banks, airlines and celebrity brands undergo this scrutiny, while some will most likely bounce back to the status quo, for a lot of organizations these events can close the doors permanently. Mystery shopping is essential for brands because it captures insights directly from customers that can be used to recognize and fix these problems that can become national headlines. The best brands utilize mystery shopping before these kinds of issues occur, not because one.

Mystery shopping can help prevent Customer Experience mishaps because it allows brands to analyze specific parts of the customer journey, yielding actionable insights. Ideally, every individual interaction between a brand and a customer will be treated as such, however, there will undoubtedly be some stops along the line that are not performing up to expectations. Mystery shopping puts a magnifying lens on these areas so that brands are able to quickly adjust to provide the value that customers prefer. When used in tandem with other Customer Experience programs, mystery shopping can help vault a brand to become a Customer Experience leader within their respective industry.

To have a great Customer Experience, the initiative needs to be treated with the same importance as other factors of a brand’s structure. It is common sense that an organization with lackluster IT or marketing departments will be unable to compete with the rest of the industry, and that same logic should be applied to a Customer Experience program. Like the way that brands invest resources and hires experts to make these more traditional programs succeed, it is important to have knowledgeable Customer Experience professionals working to understand the existing value a brand provides. Mystery shopping is a vital investment in this sector, and can play a huge role in preventing the kinds of scandals that can be the ultimate demise for a brand’s reputation.

In the 24-hour news cycle, common timeline of these scandals usually only last a couple of days, but in that time the damage that is done can be devastating. Mystery shopping is almost always one of the first programs that a brand undergoing this negative publicity will fall to. Stay a step ahead of the game by implementing these services before a major problem occurs. In doing so, an organization will collect extremely valuable information that can be used to improve a great number of brand aspects, all with the goal of getting customers to remain loyal and happy, which is the ultimate goal for any successful brand.

Second To None empowers customer-centric brands to deliver consistent, intentional and authentic consumer experiences.

We adeptly design and manage mystery shopping, compliance, engagement and voice of customer solutions grounded in strategic relevance, program integrity and actionable insights. Our solutions are developed on the basis of solid research and statistical science. We achieve success through a relentless focus on quality and innovation, consultative relationships and a talented team of professional associates.