What Your Luxury Retail Brand Can Gain From Mystery Shopping

Luxury retail is a space dominated by brands with consistently great reputations, because trust serves a foundational pillar in the relationships formed between consumers and brands. Typically, due to the increased price point of dealing with a luxury brand, your team must handle inflated customer expectations, because even one sub-par interaction can quickly permeate and infect a vast pool of potential customers with a negative perception of your brand. As a result, it is important that luxury brands have a robust Customer Experience research and measurement program, to ensure that each team member is expertly knowledgeable and accountable to deliver exactly what customers are looking for along each step of the customer journey.

If your luxury retail brand has never conducted a measurement program like mystery shopping in the past, it may be missing out on some key pieces of CX data. Specifically, these programs can provide detailed information about employee performance within consumer interactions, offer an unbiased perspective of your existing CX offerings and monitor the effectiveness of new or existing products among many other potential focus topics. Your team can use the information provided by these programs to encourage lifelong relationships with customers, which is important considering that it is five times cheaper to retain a customer than it is to acquire a new one.[1] The data that is collected, filtered and analyzed in a mystery shopping initiative can help your team build towards this level of trust with consumers.

Another major benefit that luxury retail brands can gain from implementing mystery shopping programs is moving closer to a completely optimized omnichannel experience. While in the past interactions between luxury brands and their consumers were dominated by the in-store associate. If your employees were trained appropriately, then they should be able to deliver a consistent value to in-store customers. However, in the modern business-to-consumer relationship, digital channels play a much larger role, and your Customer Experience platform needs to adjust to these circumstances. Thus, it is essential that your digital identity is intentionally designed to transmit the same style of service that made your in-store associates successful. For luxury brands, this means making sure that you have an aesthetically pleasing website design, that is simple and functionable.

A customer should never feel stressed or taxed when they are moving between in-store or online channels, and mystery shopping can help you unlock information about each of these steps to help retain this desired consistency. Implement different research objectives to analyze how each step is performing, using the data to craft a universal experience consumers can realize within every touchpoint. Mystery shopping is an essential first step to this combination of channels into one cohesive unit because it can help to point out the subtle differences that may be exhausting to users but were invisible to your organizational leadership.

Ultimately, a mystery shopping program can help luxury retail brands in a similar fashion to other industries. It will unlock key data points that will arm your team with the knowledge to craft a consistent omnichannel experience, and keep customers satisfied as they move along your pipeline. Luxury brands are especially suited to benefit from these programs because your brand reputation, both in-store and online, is the primary reason that customers will choose you over the competition. Ensure that your luxury retail brand is properly prepared to stand out to consumers by implementing mystery shopping and other Customer Experience measurement programs.

[1] http://retailertrainingservices.com/10-important-customer-service-statistics-for-retailers/

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