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Why Reporting Matters When Developing A CX Measurement Program

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Capturing consumer feedback data has become an essential aspect of any leading organization’s Customer Experience platform. The practice of consistently collecting customer data is helpful because it grants increased transparency throughout the organization. Armed with these numbers and commentary, your team can develop an action plan and succinctly prove the validity of their claims. Additionally, these programs can help flag moments along the customer journey that are flawed or underperforming. There are many different options and vendors of which your organization can partner with, however not every program is equal. Ideally, leadership will find a vendor that easily allows the data to be spread throughout different levels of your organization, so employees are acting based on up-to-date, accurate information.

Reporting is an often-overlooked aspect of a mystery shopping, voice of customer survey or other CX research program. Most vendors will attempt to dazzle prospective clients with their data collection prowess, which is undoubtedly important. However, this information is not worth much if it is not being sent to the right people on your team. Additionally, many organizations that implement these kinds of programs will have niche needs that do not fit into a cookie-cutter reporting model. In these cases, the amount of extra time, in addition to the original financial investment of implementing the program, can be costly and deeply impact the perceived success of the program.

Second To None realized the lack of effective reporting within this space. As a response, we created Catapult, our proprietary reporting module. Within Catapult, we have a variety of different reports that segment the data in whichever categories you prefer. Our portal allows your team to granulize by region, question, employee or basically whichever parameter you are hoping to more clearly understand. Catapult provides graphic displays of the information collected, as well as simple commentary feedback rankings, so that you can easily discover and understand how customers are evaluating the different locations or channels within your organizational umbrella. Additionally, the dashboard within Catapult is completely customizable, so that it is as easy as possible to find what data you are looking for right when you log in. This system can help your team, with the help of our analytics department, quickly find the correct conclusions hidden in the data.

In addition to creating a destination where team members can better understand the data, Catapult is optimized to make it as easy as possible to share this data throughout your organization. Users can download reports in a variety of different formats, and easily share them with other team members all within the Catapult portal. There is also an option to set up timed-reporting, so that this data is automatically sent to your inbox, or the inbox of designated team members. This can be impactful because it ensures that your associates are properly equipped with the appropriate information. Thus, there is increased transparency and clarity surrounding employee performance compared with organizational expectations.

Reporting is a huge determinant to the success of a Customer Experience research program because it is one of the last steps that needs to be completed before actually acting on the information you collect. Finding a vendor that can meet your reporting needs is vital to the success of any Customer Experience research program that your brand invests in.

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