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3 Examples of a Stellar Omnichannel Experience

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Customers now possess the ability to find desired products and services across more channels than ever before. As a result, it is essential that your organization is aligning its Customer Experience across these different channels. In practice, this can be extremely challenging because it means constantly monitoring, evaluating and improving countless different aspects of the overall experience. To help with your organization’s goal of creating a stellar omnichannel Customer Experience, check out how the following three brands have reduced effort for their customers to travel between channels.

Amazon: Unsurprisingly, the corporate hegemony Amazon is able to consistently create and retain satisfied customers by reducing customer effort at every turn. One aspect of their brand that is extremely easy for customers is their support line. Delivering products to customer’s doorsteps is an inherently risky procedure, resulting in many different cases of missed or stolen packages, wrongful or forgotten deliveries, broken products and a litany of other potential problems. Amazon realized that while their delivery speeds and prices were extremely competitive, without an optimized support line the investments made into the former brand aspects will be going to waste. As a result, any customer looking for support can fill out a quick questionnaire online, and be directed to whatever interaction avenue they prefer. Whether the customer chooses to do an instant chat, talk on the phone with a call-center representative or handle the issue through email, Amazon has set up the infrastructure and trained their staff to meet customers wherever they prefer.

Dominos: Once customers shifted towards choosing their quick-delivery or pick-up pizza based on quality over pricing and speed of service, Dominos was forced to adjust their brand identity. Additionally, a surge of online ordering forced every brand in the food service industry to invest in expensive new technologies. After successfully adjusting their product and transitioning their brand identity towards these evolving customer desires, Dominos has achieved great success and is forming consistently better customer relationships. The popular pizza chain now has its own mobile application, an optimized online ordering experience, but most importantly it did not leave its carry-out customers hungry. The brand has come out with several different carry-out coupons incentivizing customers to walk through their door, proving to their base that they are willing to provide pizza via whichever avenue is best for them. They have cemented their customer relationships recently by implementing a promotion allowing customers to swap a carry-out order for free if there was an accident that impacted the pizza itself, proving that a satisfied customer is valued more than an individual sale.

Warby Parker: Traditionally, direct-to-consumer brands like Warby Parker are limited to providing value solely in the eCommerce space. There is a justified fear that by investing in brick-and-mortar locations or other traditional retail spaces, these brands will over-extend themselves and wind up creating more dissatisfied customers within the initial digital frontier that brought them success originally. However, Warby Parker is proving this wrong by providing excellent service at their physical locations. While you cannot physically purchase a pair of glasses to take home with you in these stores, the brand has successfully turned their stores into an experiential destination. Customers can try on frames that they researched online, and ensure that they are getting a pair that fits their unique personality and physique, or even bring in a pair that they have already bought to be adjusted for free. Warby Parker ensures that all employees are trained to provide excellent service, allowing their stores to serve as the perfect complement to their booming eCommerce identity.

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