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Fast Casual Dining

Customer joy, from check-in to check-out

the rise of the fast casual industry 

Today’s fast casual dining consumer is unique and has layered expectations. At Second To None, we have been working with restaurant retailers for over 30 years and know what consumers are looking for: 

  • Clean, sanitized, and safe locations with clear signage 
  • Ultimate consumer convenience and reduced effort 
  • On-time curbside pickup and delivery services
  • Always-available quality ingredients, despite varying availability
  • Genuine, friendly service and a knowledgeable staff
  • An all-in-one experience (i.e. dine-in, curbside pickup, and third party delivery)

To meet these expectations, fast casual restaurants must consistently understand what their customers are going through when interacting with their brand. And that means measuring customer interactions in a specialized, omnichannel way.

Whether dine-in, online, curbside, on the phone, on-app, or beyond, fast casual dining brands can uncover the behavioral and operational drivers of the customer experience that are ultimately responsible for improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy, and financial outcomes. 

The key? Meeting them where they’re at: everywhere

Second To None designs and customizes a wide range of services–mystery shopping, customer surveys, brand reputation monitoring, and more–to obtain accurate information. Capture real-time insights about varied customer preferences and employee performance based on a unique set of metrics for your fast casual dining brand. 

fast casual restaurants are facing an increasing list of demands. 

Creating customer joy is important–especially in an increasingly competitive market. Yet, this element of your brand easily gets lost amidst the demands of a complex operation and consumers with higher expectations than ever before.

The key to this emerging restaurant market is experience. Separating yourself from traditional fast food chains requires emphasizing quality ingredients, cleanliness, ambience, and exceptional service. 

We help fast casual brands like Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, MOD Pizza, California Pizza Kitchen, and others refocus on offering, measuring, and increasing overall customer satisfaction. 

Using a wide range of tools from mystery shopping to customer feedback surveys, we give you an accurate view of where you are and where you can improve.

what’s keeping you from understanding your fast casual dining consumers?

  • Dealing with inefficient data?
  • Customer trends changing so rapidly it seems overwhelming?
  • Unable to measure across every fast casual dining consumer touchpoint?
  • Working with a vendor that doesn’t specialize in this emerging restaurant market?
  • Wishing there was a better way to cascade results to each location?
  • Wondering how results will translate into improvements across locations?

You shouldn’t have to settle. You deserve actionable, fast casual-specific insights that will help you create joy for all of your customers.

we tailor our custom solutions to your fast casual dining needs:

trusted by the most respected names in the fast casual dining industry. 

We stand ready to help take your brand experience to the next level. The following are some of the clients we’ve served.

Starbucks logo.Krispy KremeMOD logoFalling coconut warning sign.Potbelly Sandwich Shop logo.Logo of Le Pain Quotidien.