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hive (Curated Customer Communities)

Targeting strategically.
Measuring accurately.
Providing invaluable

You’re nothing without your customers. And knowing how they perceive you is absolutely invaluable — it can inspire sounder strategic decisions and more informed risks, while allowing you to enhance successful measures already in place. Our Hive program provides access to the voices that can help you assess more accurately.

We curate dynamic customer communities to provide you with real, honest, and actionable feedback. Our years of expertise allow us to vet respondents that can help illuminate large-scale challenges and reveal unknowns about the smaller, more specific issues your brand is facing.

hive tools

Invitation-Based, Segmented Communities
We target the right voices in specific communities to give you a true picture of your influence and standing in the segments you occupy.
Immediate Aggregation of Results
Overall findings and conclusions drawn from our curated communities are made available to you immediately, so you can start taking action.
Real-Time Customer Feedback
We let you see customer reactions to product and service concepts as they happen and in their most unfiltered state.
We’ll give you the inside track on your audiences to meet challenges, big and small.
Create Customer Experience Joy