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engage (Customer Feedback & Employee Engagement Surveys)

Inspiring dialogue.
Building trust.
Responding effectively.

Open dialogue creates trust, loyalty, and stronger bonds among customers and employees. At Second To None, we help you dig deep into what motivates internal and external audiences — and provide actionable insight into what they think and feel.

Our Engage survey solutions use proven survey methods that capture customer sentiment across every touch point, translating it into actionable insights, so you can respond effectively and leverage the voice of your customer to create more joyful experiences.

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B2C and B2B Customer Satisfaction Feedback Surveys

The Voice of the Customer (VoC) represents your customers’ perceptions, needs, and requirements. The Second To None survey platform enables you to discover market opportunities, gauge customer sentiment, and gain insights into competitive advantages or weaknesses, all in real-time.  Fully custom surveys can be quickly deployed across your key customer channels and touchpoints, with results integrated into a secure analytics and reporting portal for stakeholder interaction.

Employee Engagement and Sentiment

Your people interact with customers, drive your operation, and affect financial performance. Exceptional organizations stay on the pulse of employee experience with Voice of the Employee (VoE) surveys, continually and transparently responding to ideas and concerns.

Our employee surveys support internal stakeholders in gauging and understanding employee satisfaction in all corners of your organization. We also have specialized options for unique populations, like franchise owners, who can provide diverse perspectives.

We take a careful, human approach, so that your team can feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Powerful employee insights let you focus on the most important priorities at every level and positively influence your company’s ongoing success.

engage tools

Customized Methods
We design and customize customer feedback surveys, from invitation methods to data collection, to be relevant, valuable, and serviceable to your organization.
Modular Questionnaires
Our Engage program includes modular survey applications that provide a continuous listening post and the flexibility to dynamically add new questions as your needs evolve.
Data Integrity
We combine proven fraud-prevention techniques to virtually eliminate malicious survey activity.
Unlimited Responses
The unlimited number of survey respondents and responses we provide, plus random and targeted sampling methodologies, ensure that your true customer base is always represented.
Real-Time Reporting
Our CATAPULT mobile-friendly reporting console gives you access to customer feedback in real time.
Robust Analytics
We utilize a variety of transparent and practical qualitative and quantitative tools that your team can easily understand.
We’ll ask the right questions. And help you find the stories in the answers.
Create Customer Experience Joy