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snapshot (Mystery Shopping & Compliance Audits)

Capturing experience.
Measuring truth.
Achieving customer joy.

The true path to customer joy begins with immersion. At Second To None, we don’t simply ask your customers about their perceptions, observations, interactions, and experiences.

We truly become your customers.

Snapshot is our mystery shopping program, which has been core to our company since our founding in 1989. Whether in-store, online, on app, or beyond, we uncover the behavioral and operational drivers of the customer experience that are ultimately responsible for improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy and financial business outcomes.

Measure, understand and improve experience delivery.
At every touchpoint.

We deploy a carefully profiled consumer field force to assess how well you’re executing on your key operational standards. You’ll understand what customers are experiencing each and every day. Everywhere you are.

We design and customize every aspect of your Mystery Shopping program around your organizational lens (how you view and interact with your customers) to ensure the resulting business intelligence is both relevant and actionable to your stakeholders, while being mindful of drawing the direct linkages back to how your customers experience your brand.

A seasoned network of over
500,000 consumer shoppers across the U.S. and Canada.

We can design a custom program to help you obtain accurate information about customer preferences, measure existing employee performance based on a unique set of metrics, and capture real-time insights around what value customers are looking to receive from your brand.

snapshot tools

Refined Shopper Selection
We manage the selection of shoppers for your program based upon your ideal demographic and lifestyle attributes.
Modular Questionnaires
We engineer flexibility into your Mystery Shopping program, utilizing a modular questionnaire framework.
Data Integrity
We employ a multi-phase Quality Assurance process that involves the extensive use of statistical process controls.
Real-Time Reporting
Our Catapult reporting console provides you access to your Mystery Shopping results in near real-time.
Robust Analytics
We utilize a variety of transparent and practical qualitative and quantitative tools that your team can understand.
We’ll help you design it. Manage it. Measure it. And improve.
Create Customer Experience Joy