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Phone-Based Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Model, Measure and Manage the Customer Experience across your Phone-based Customer Interactions

Your phone-based customer touchpoints, whether they be informational, transactional, or customer service oriented, are one of the most crucial customer interaction channels for your organization. Real-time, live telephone interactions give your brand a voice and are some of the best opportunities for you to establish a connection and most importantly, trust, with your customers.

Second To None’s Telephone Mystery Shopping solutions can help you continuously and accurately understand the customer call experience: wait times, hold times, representative friendliness, professionalism and knowledge, as well as call resolution and offline follow-up across your phone-based touchpoints, including omni-channel initiatives.

Our solutions include the ability for mystery shopping calls to be fully recorded and appended to your written reports.

A thoughtfully designed Telephone Mystery Shopping program can support a variety of internal stakeholders in understanding and improving those elements of the customer experience and brand performance for which they are responsible:

  • Phone-based Operations
  • Automated System Navigation
  • Phone-based Marketing
  • Issue Resolution/Escalation
  • Phone-based Sales
  • Offline Follow-up
  • Customer Support
  • OmniChannel Responsiveness

Are you considering a phone-based mystery shopping initiative, or looking for ways to enhance an existing program in order to derive greater value? You deserve a proven methodology to program design, launch and ongoing management, and our systems deliver just that. Through a carefully phased approach to Discovery, Design, Testing, Implementation and Launch, your team is assured of a transparent, collaborative and practical approach to solution design and ongoing management.

Our robust analytics and reporting services deliver powerful operational and customer insights to the right people at the right time, enabling your organization to focus with pinpoint accuracy on the most important action planning and priorities, at every level of your organization, related to driving phone interaction customer satisfaction, phone-based operational excellence and improved financial performance.